Why mobile app development is important for startups?

can anyone answer this?

Hi, This is Chris From Uplogic Technologies.

All business sectors have a diverse variety of marketplaces to compete with, so one needs to upgrade their business via the use of technology to stand out in the field. When it comes to technology, nearly 92% of individuals in this digital age use smartphones, and they prefer to acquire all of their services digitally rather than in person. It then becomes necessary for business owners to integrate technology, such as mobile as well as web app development, into their operations.

The benefit of having a mobile app for business:

  • Increased efficacy
  • High Scalability is provided.
  • Easy to maintain data.
  • Integration with a third party
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Enhances communication with customers.
  • Boost consumer awareness of your brand.
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Thanks for the replay now I am posting another question related to food delivery please answer that also.