Why is my revenue low with StartApp exit-ad?

Hi guys,
I have an app with 3400 downloads a day and I intergrated it with the exit-ad sdk only(without icon-ad).
But the earning is very low.
Seems StartApp pay for impressions only but not the download times.

It’s true? So StartApp’s exit-ad sdk may not the best choice for me except the icon-sdk??


cant see the attachment…

where are the majority of users come from ?

Some forum script is broken, reported some time ago a problem but not fixed yet.

I can see the attachment fine when logged in using Chrome (with AdBlock disabled). Does it work in a different browser for you?

My app revenue:


Downloads:—(No downloads?)

United States, India, Mexico, Germany, Slovenia

i asked the start app guys and no they don’t count downloads. Kinda terrible because 99% of the time the ads are for games. I have it running with a few apps and i am about to get rid of it if they don’t change it to count downloads.

The following message is displayed in a dialog box when I click the attachment…

“You do not have permission to perform this action. Please refresh the page and login before trying again.”

I am using google chrome and of course i am signed in…tried with firefox with same result…no adblocks installed…

Hi All,

I’ll be happy to jump in and help out with some of these issues -

Freshair0 - Can you send me an email with your DevID? It’s hard to know why the eCPM is low without checking out your account. My email is [email protected]

Hubris - The fact that you are not seeing a download figure is because that stat is for the pay-per-download count of our icon ad SDK. We do not show your app downloads when you integrate the exit-ad SDK as that number is not relevant to the revenue you generate. This download count is not for the installs you generate for the games you see in the ads, but your app download count.

We do not pay only for impressions, we pay a revenue share of impressions, clicks and installs. Each advertiser you see in the ad may have a different payment model they are using, so the eCPM you see is an accumalated number of all the above and shown as eCPM. This number is unified and easily comparable between networks.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me directly or to [email protected]

Have a great week everyone,

Its hard to accept that when we cant actually see the numbers. All we can see is the impressions so its hard to trust when so many ad groups have taken advantage of that trust in the past. If i could see the clicks at least i could compare that to other types of ads and see if i want to keep it going.

As of right now i will probably remove it from my apps because i specifically cannot tell what the heck is going on. Impressions tell me basically nothing.

I have coworkers (second job) that use my apps and i see ads that i get paid pretty well for on other system (ie links to google play store games). But i cannot tell if people are downloading or clicking on it. And no i don’t believe that a game studio would have an ad that didn’t redirect to their game download page. No one in this industry will believe that.

So in other words for me to keep it running i would need more info on what is going on, what types of ads are being served and if a download happens from that ad click. That’s the minimum. If i could get geo stats, conversion rates and filters that would be even better.

i think this is quite normal. according to my experience, if you get more impressions from a single app, ecpm drops. same as Airpush

Hi Freshair,

3400 downloads is an amazing number. Provide an email ID so we could discuss how we could scale up your revenues by atleast 2X. Read more about our developer success stories : Developer Of The Week
My email : [email protected]

Using Mozzila firefox (stock, only basic add-on like java, flash). Also I can see header and footer ads so the problem is not blocking add-on, by the way I do not use any ad blockers.

My ExitAd:
Impressions: 12,912
eCPM: $0.19
Revenue: $2.39

Users come from Poland.

I have enable Startapp full integration. ExitAd in-app does not earning much which roughly average from $2 to $3 for all my apps. For Downloads, it will more than 6x of that earnings.