Why I have low download

Why I have low download rate at google play , I have added my app to google play on 1 jun , but it has only 4 download!!

why ?

Maybe people are afraid of the permissions? Try marketing the app wherever you can (android forums etc.), add put it on slideme - there is “just in” section on slideme, so you should get more downloads at first there. Also… consider adding a 5 start empty review yourself - everyone does that, no stars at all looks strange.

I agree you have too many permissions that are not needed. And some people may be scared of that, if it is a required permission explain why is needed in the description. Also it’s only been a few days, is not like people search for this kind of application all the time. You just need to give it time.

Another fact: your app is VERY useful to people who are clueless and don’t know where anything is in their phone. Those people do not use the Android market’s “Just in” section… or even know the Android market exists. So your market cannot find you. Kinda a Catch 22 situation :frowning:

If the application is optimised for tablets send it to tablified.com - it gets some downloads always.

nice tip, thx - will try it for Tablet Tower Defense … but read their submittion criterie and first need to get rid of the “zoom to fit” button - never cared for it before xD

I think that you have to promotioned your app. You should be use social networks, any forums, blogs, etc… And your downloads grow fast sure :slight_smile:

You can say to your friends, the “mouth to mouth” (Spanish expression) works great sometimes!

“boca a boca” is the spanish expression? (it is also in german g)

But juanla is very right - it is currently one of the hardest parts to make an app popular as long as you do not serve any specific niche without much competition.

Also, if your app has decent quality you have more chances of getting reviewed

If this is your first app, I wouldn’t be concerned about low downloads. I’ve seen a lot of developers start out with very low figures, but after a few months, and a few more apps, this starts to increase much faster.

So for a start, you could try promoting your app in various Android Forums (like this one!), to get feedback from users & developers. If you’re getting positive feedback, try suggesting a few Android blogs to review your app.

Eventually though, the best way to promote your app is to build more apps, and cross-promote. If you use AdMob in your apps for example, you can create a “House Ad” which advertises your other apps for free. This would be a very effective way to build downloads.

Once you get a certain number of downloads & good reviews, you’ll have a much better chance of increasing that further. It just takes time to get started - don’t give up yet! :slight_smile:

Hi there, based on your situation, here are some tips on boosting app downloads for you.

Optimize APP Icon
When users find the recommended page rankings in search results, the app icon often catches their eye in first sight . When app users do not understand the situation, but there is one reason to drive them to download this application: This looks like what I need. So, be sure to design an icon which can reflect the core functionality of your app.

App Name
When selecting a name for an app, follow the following rules: simple and understandable, we can also try to join some of the application description in the application name. Once users see the app name, they know its function which will be more conducive to driving target users to download your app.

App Description
When users view the application details page, most people can only see the top two or three lines of description , so you should focus on the first 3 lines description. Therefore, the first 3 lines description should reflect the target users’ needs, and fully explain the contents of the product characteristics.

Display the screenshots which are most attractive and most represents the application in the front. So the targeted users will be able to see them at the first glance, but also very beneficial to drive the user to download.

Use a cover image for Google Play
A cover image can really boost user downloads. Make it unique, and don’t use the same picture from the screenshot.

Limited Discounts
If your app is paid, you can offer your app for free or at half price for a period of time.

App reviews and rating
Apps that have more positive reviews is more likely to be downloaded. Try to get more good reviews and high star ratings from users. Of course, if you budget is enough, you can also get from third parties, like reviewapp4u, economical and effective. Also, you can get app reviews from third parties, like reviewapp4u, which is an agency dedicated to offer positive reviews and high ratings for iOS, Android and Mac app from real users around the world.

Promote Your App Effectively
Promotion is the important part to increase app downloads, here I will list some effective promotion methods, details as follow:
[li]Social Media[/li][li]Cross promotion[/li][li]Advertise[/li][li]Forums[/li][li]Blogger[/li][li]Participate in relevant activities[/li][li]Email Marketing[/li][li]Press Release[/li][li]Make a video[/li][li]Offline promotion[/li][li]Content Promotion[/li][li]…[/li][/ul]

Have you heard such thing as ASO? Your app name “Pro Assistant” has too many competitors so naturally you get no downloads because users doesn’t see your app.