Why I don't use Leadbolt at the moment

I have over 20mil/m impressions. When I see performance like the attached… I take my traffic elsewhere.

Your data gives eCPM = $0,00435. Is it banners? Is it from specific geo-region?

I am only using html app-wall from Leadbolt. What bothers me a lot is that my dashboard graphs are showing conversions, but the revenue is zero ($0,00). Anyone knows what the reasons could be? Seems that CPC amounts are so small (like $0,0006 calculated from your case), that I cannot see actual values. Leadbolt is also a bit nontransparent about their CPC/CPA models.

is it too much to ask to find a solid, consistent & just decent-performance ad company?

almost same as my experience…

Same here. Changed to senddroid.

Hi Mind is that their App wall or Push notifications?
Do you have traffic in US or mostly Asia?


Here are my LeadBolt stats for the past 7 days:

App Banner - $0.29 eCPM
App Ad (SDK) - $0.44 eCPM.
App Wall - $2.49 eCPM.

The banner ads eCPM used to be down at $0, but they’ve picked up again lately. The app wall is still performing way better.

LeadBolt Reports.jpg

An ad network is only as consistent as its advertisers. Even a company with the best intentions will struggle to provide decent performance if a few big advertisers cut their budgets.
This is why I expect Admob/Google to have more stable eCPMs - because they have a larger base of advertisers.

Last 7 days - App Ad SDK (Banner 320x50)

Imps 78632 - Clicks 2188 - ECPM 0.53$ - EPC 0.02$ - CTR 2.78% - REVENUE 41.41$

My few cents in to this thread.
I use their Html Offerwall. And they do count clicks but they dont count installs. How did I find it? Well, my app doesnt have too much users so not many clicks on offerwall at all, so I did download by myself 3 apps from their offerwall. Almost 2 weeks gone and none of them have been counted as downloaded, but they have counted clicks.

Seems they dont track installs at all, and just simply pays for clicks. Never had a good experience with them at all. So, it is my second time that I take off their ads from my app.

Hey Guys,

I wanted to drop by and encourage you all to check out our new in app banner ads which is included in our new SDK 6.0. So far the feedback has been great in regards to performance and revenue. We are seeing CPM ranging from $1.00-1.50.

Also check out our new SDK 6.0 which comes with some awesome new features and ad units.

Do airpush banner ads pay per impression or click?

Where did you receive that feedback? Everyone on the forum has been complaining that the banners don’t work, along with the Dashboard not displaying accurate data regarding the unit (and most other units).

You forgot to add that the real CMP is between $0.4 and $0.9. (Push Ads)

Really , it is good that you are seeing this , as we are not seeing anything in the dashboard for weeks now !

He was only referring to their banner ads, but I seriously doubt they’re averaging $1 - $1.50 in any case.

Yes it is, since the developers are little guys, miles away, the temptation is too big for the ad networks to put the developers money into their own pockets.

I think the idea of having one consistent solid Ad Network is good but also too good to be true.

I have always insisted that you pick Ad Networks based on what they’re good at. Some networks will take care of your Indian inventory while others will do good with UK and so on.

It will never be a good idea to just pick one Network and then put all your eggs in that basket. I say this as someone who works in the space and know how things work.

A Network employee will always be interested in your inventory and so they will often over promise and under deliver. So it is up to you to judge who is good at what and then use them accordingly. That would be a smart and profitable strategy.

Now you don’t have to check each Network yourself to find out the results. But you do have forums like these, perhaps developer friends who will be very happy to share their experiences with you. So here would be the right steps.

  1. Find out where your users are from. Make a list of top geos.
  2. Find stable Ad Networks that monetize those geos at a good rate.
  3. Find alternatives for those.

By this time you’ll have shortlisted your Ad Network options. And the ones you end up with, should be the ones you should technically use regardless of who promises what. Until they deliver, they are just words.

Hope that helps.

P.S. I’m sure this comment will get me in trouble. Haha. But I do have the luxury of representing an Ad Network which is very transparent. :slight_smile:

Could you please save us some time and trial-errors and tell us in what geos does Senddroid perform best? And in which ones we shouldnt consider you?

Thank you!