Why Google did not pay me my money yet?

I don’t know if this is the correct place for this thread, but if it’s not i’m sorry.

I placed my 3 apps on google play in april this year. AdMob site says that first cents I earned on April the 18th. Now it’s April the 18th. I have more that 20$ on my admob. It’s connected with my paypal account. I have $0 on my paypal. Why Google AdMob did not transfered my money yet??

It’s 50 bucks minimum.

They say it’s 20.

"We begin processing payments one month after the end of the calendar
month in which they are earned. There is generally a processing time
of approximately one week, but you receive an email notifying you when
payment processing begins.
For example, if you earn $500 in January, we start processing this
payment in the first week of March and send funds the following week.

However, if your earnings are less than $20 at the end of a month,
AdMob rolls your earnings over to the following month. For example, if
you earn $10 in January and $50 in February, a payment is be sent to
you for $60 in early to mid-April."

Oh they must of changed it. I’d contact them, I’ve never had an issue with them.

OK, thanks.