Why DO We Need AppLock Aurora To Secure Phone Privacy?

We all hate snoopers who put their nose our smart phones or tablets. How to protect us from those nosy guys? Thankfully, here is a free guardian called AppLock Aurora for your android phone. AppLock Aurora will lock snoopers out and secure your personal privacy safe from prying eyes.
Whether you are the sole user of your Android device or you share a tablet with friends and family, security is something that should always be one of your top priorities.
This is mainly because your device usually contains apps or information that you wouldn’t necessarily want other people getting into, either accidentally or on purpose.
This is not only about risqué content, but also everyday content such as banking apps, password apps, business documents, apps specific for your job and more.



Features of the Applock Aurora :
Lock installed Apps:
You can now lock any installed apps on your phone, like gallery, media, contact, call, SMS, Settings, camera, note, files,etc. and chat apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail and Games, and financing apps like bank, Paypal, etc.

Why you should lock the apps installed on your mobile?
Basically you use apps from 10-100 times daily or may be a little more and some apps are running in background without you knowing it. To control access to apps is a must to protect your privacy those apps might contain.

Vault for Photo & video & file
You can now keep your private photos and videos in the safe vault within your mobile, a smart way to protect your privacy. The photos and videos in the vault are totally protected and are not shown in mobile gallery. So, No one else but you can access the safe vault with a password. Sounds cool?
Along with photos and videos you can also lock files. The feature is very useful for securing your confidential and personal files, documentations, novels, notes that you wish to keep away from everyone. Only challenge as of now is that you can’t read files in the vault.
Hide apps, Fake cover, Replace app icon

This feature allows you to hide apps that you don’t want them to be seen by others on the screen. A safe way to keep your privacy from prying eyes for apps you feel super private.

Fake cover is a fun function, using it you can enable a fake fingerprint scan process, or fake force closed info, which will confuse snoopers. An interesting and smart idea to save you from awkward situation.

You can also replace Super AppLock icon with Calculator /Weather/ clock icon, so the other people won’t know you are using an encrypt tool and won’t doubt whether you have any secrets inside your phone.

AppLock Aurora is available to download from Google Play for free. I couldn’t find any in-app purchases, and extra themes also seem to be free to download and use.

Overall, AppLock Aurora is a pretty solid security app that seems to do everything that it promises.

Aside from the rare hangup and passphrase skipping, everything seems to be in order. Even if you find that the app isn’t right for you, you’re certainly not out of any money.