Why did the traffic (without reason) sink to the mob. 300% of apps on Google Play?

good afternoon

I observe in my 3 applications from 08.02.18 to 09.02.18 a sharp drawdown, 3 times the traffic on Google Play

After analyzing the statistics on all applications, he remarked:

  • that it’s not in positions (positions on all keys are all the same)
  • and not in the conversion to install (here the value also did not change)
  • traffic fell across all countries (russia, south america, africa, india)

Changed the number of page views of the application (dropped 3 times), but how is this even possible if the 2 main values ​​(positions on all keys and conversion to instals have not changed)?
Does anyone watch in their statistics the same serious drop in traffic in recent days?

Same thing happend to me. It has been now like this for three days. I also dont know what is the reason.

this with anyone could happen

Are you still experiencing this?

I have same problem from 8/02 . I lost 70% of European traffic for dating app . Maybe its Olimpic days, started in 8/02… looks after 25/02

Yes many companies also felt the same pbm

Same here, I am freaking out :frowning: !