Why Appnext is the number 1 network currently


This post does not mean that Appnext is the only good network out there, nor does it mean that it is the best network for everyone.

However, I’m seeing a lot of complaints about Startapp, Airpush and Mobile Core, which I used in the past (still using Startapp). In terms of comparing the results, Appnext is beating everyone. The eCPM is stable all year long ($3-$5), and I can only guess it’s because they have a lot more offers when all the other network are in serious problems. Also, if there are offers that I don’t like or see that are not performing well, I ask them to remove it. Appnext allows me to control my account much better.

I also mentioned their support in the past, which is probably the most important thing for me. A lot of good support out there (not enough, but a lot), but their support is the best.

There are networks with faster payments (weekly) and sometimes better payments, but for the long run - Appnext is better than all of them, and for me is as good as admob (most of the time better than them, but they are still Google’s, and they do have banners which Appnext doesn’t have).

This is my experience, and mine only. Wanted to share it with you. Like you see, there are no referrals here.

I don’t know how you get 3-5$ eCPM from appnext. Of course, they are good, their support, dashboard, integration, shortly - everything is awesome, but not eCPMs. In the best case I was having 1.2, but mostly much below 1$. Can you share your CTR and CR ?

I agree that they have a daily stable eCPM , but still MC is doing better for me in a monthly basis. Actually I get 1$-1.5$ eCPM in Appnext

im still love admob

Hi thewowser247,

Glad to hear developers appreciate good support. It’s something close to our hearts here at AdBuddiztoo :o

I agree that AppNext is very very stable and strong.
My Offerwall stats of last 30 days:

Impressions Clicks Installs CTR CR Earning eCPM
6,807 545 25 8.01 4.59 73.47 10.79

I haven’t tried Appnext, but I think they have good reputation in this forum. What prevent me from trying Appnext is their sdk size which is not so small, and they have different sdk for interstitial and native ads, both of them are not small size sdk. If they can reduce the size of sdk, i will go for a try.

I agree that Appnext is good, but as usual, there is no best ad network out there. It is all depends on your app category.

I love Appnext but not Admob. It’s a better network.

The numbers change of course from time to time, but it’s usually around 15-20% CTR and 2-3% CR.

Thanks for all the feedbacks - both good and less good.
From what we know we do have the highest number of promotions in our platform which of course generates a better eCPM. But it’s not the only factor, of course.

We are working to provide you a much bigger ability to control your revenue and performance, by giving you the option to exclude advertiser/campaigns or set a minimum bid (so, for example, no campaign with a CPI lower than x.xx will run in your app) - all through the dashboard.
You will be able to manage it all by yourself, in addition to our own optimization. Full control.

These features are in the final level of testing. If anyone wants to be a beta tester and try it out, let me know. I hope to bring more news like this in the future (and maybe a promotion as well).

i would like to try it out. please pm me.

Hi treble12,

Are you looking to join a new network with stable (high) revenues and lightweight SDK? If so, check out Supersonic. Our SDK takes seconds to integrate and supports interstitials, offer walls and rewarded video (with free video ad mediation to ensure a 100% fillrate!) and you get free UA SDK tracking too. Our eCPMS for interstitials currently start at $3.

good good…

Hi Guys,

We are using facebook audience networks and getting 10$ plus eCPMs on interstitial and $1.05 plus in banners.

Hi thewowser247,What’s your Geos?Mobvista also excellent in some areas especially in Southeast Asia

What is your geos?

Geo : India

I’ve started running Facebook as well. Not bad so far ($2.5-$3.5), but not as good as Appnext. I do like their ad inventory.

anyone received payment of April from Appnext??? I’m waiting for my first payments