Who has the best app wall advertising? Not ad wall...only app wall.

Hey guys,

New to the forums and I must say I’m really enjoying the content.

I want to start off by saying that I’m using AppBrain’s appwall (only the appwall, nothing else from them) and I realized this is a fantastic way for me to monetize.

However, I’m left wondering if there are better performing appwalls out there that I just don’t know about. With AppBrain I get a little over $2eCPM with over 10k impressions a day. I am thinking about doing an interstitial ad when the user quits the app but I haven’t decided.

I tried looking at other appwalls like LeadBolt but their offer page is really slow and it has other offers like free iPods and all this other crap. Honestly, I feel like I’m cheapening my app with those kinds of offers. I’d much rather show only an appwall rather than a general ad wall. Since I can’t filter the ads, I have to pass on LeadBolt.

So are there any specific appwall advertisers out there that you guys recommend? Thanks!

Welcome to the forums! Glad you’re enjoying the content so far.

As far as App Walls go, I’ve only used AppBrain and LeadBolt. I do like the clean & reliable advertising in the AppBrain offering. I show this as an interstitial quite often. But I’m getting much better performance out of LeadBolt at the moment. The LeadBolt App Wall has given me a $4 eCPM over the past 7 days, $5.28 over 30 days, and $7.14 over 60 days.

I’d like to try the Airpush SmartWall, as I’ve heard good things about it. However I’ve been waiting for an SDK which doesn’t have the obligatory EULA. Airpush has been promising this SDK for quite a while now, but it’s still not released to date.

You could also try Tapjoy. Technically they’re an incentive-based offerwall, but once you register an app you can email them to get the “virtual currency” part disabled, turning it into a regular app wall. They do intersperse a few non-app offers (e.g. “Like Tapjoy on Facebook”), but for the most part they’re apps.

I’ve just posted an analysis of Leadbolt AppWall vs. AppBrain and other stuff - though be warned it is on only 1-2 days worth of data - so probably is highly suspect !



AppFlood has an AppList format which looks like an appwall. Haven’t tried it though. Their setup instructions are really confusing.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

I went ahead and implemented LeadBolt and once my users have all updated to the latest version, I’ll be able to see if it is an effective form of monetization. Their appwall has given me a lot of trouble though. Hands down AppBrain takes the cake when they say easy integration. Even the HTML version of LeadBolt was a pain to work with.

I might have to try tapjoy next if LeadBolt hasn’t worked out.

Thanks again.

I have recently posted code for implementing a prefetch version of AppWall.

code for INSTANT display of Leadbolt AppWall HTML ads (prefetch and display)

Looks quite helpful! Thanks.

Unfortunately I decided to call it quits with LeadBolt. I added AppBrain interstitial today and I’m hoping that will help a little. Not overly optimistic but worth a shot.

Maybe I’ll come back to LeadBolt someday. I’ll be sure to peak at the code.


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Hey everyone,

Just to mention, at Airpush our smart wall is a collection of various in app interstitial ad types, including full screen interstitials, overlays, dialog ads, video and more. You can either choose to call specific ad types, or let our algorithm pick the best ad for your user (depending on location, device, internet connection, etc). We have solid CPMs and fill rates world wide.

PM me if you would like to chat further.

Airpush Nick