Who has Best Payment Schedule? Need help choosing the right ad network

Looking for the right ad network with the best payment schedule. I really need your guidance. Which ad network has the best payment schedule out there? I get very confused when i read some of the net terms on their websites :confused:

Airpush pays weekly if you earn over $200.

else they pay minimum $10 for monthly and that too on 1st of every month (dot).

I would like to ask people who have been with airpush for quite some time that:
For small publishers, does Airpush deduct paypal fees which means you get to pay paypal transaction fees twice (once for yourself and for airpush) ??

Best payout schedules I’ve seen is SendDroid with weeklies ($100 threshold), Airpush with weeklies ($200 threshold), AppBrain(net0) and possibly Appwiz (net15), although I am about to receive my first payment from them, so I can’t properly vouch for them yet.

No, they do not charge you a paypal fee. You just need to hit the $10 revenue threshold.

I would have to agree with A1ka1inE, SendDroid and Airpush have pretty good payment schedules both offering weekly pay and net30. I heard Appbuddiz offers something similar to weekly pay as well but its not too clear. Apparently they only approve you for weekly pay on case by case.

Wow…Interesting. I wonder if there is anyone here currently enjoying this with Airpush. Will like to know how long it took them to earn $200 a week?

@devo1985: Good to know.

I’ve been looking at Inneractive and SendDroid for a while now. They seem to have some solid good ad units. With the weeklies SendDroid and Airpush have, the playground has become more interesting for me. At the end of the day it boils down to eCPM.

I think eventually all of the ad networks are going to have to migrate to a weekly or bi-monthly payment schedule because it’s a huge incentive to be with an ad network that pays you on time and consistently. Frankly, I’m stunned AdMob hasn’t done this yet (of all ad networks, no less). I wonder how many devs went to Airpush or Sendroid mostly because of the payment schedule only to stick around because they made more $4 or had a better experience. Payments schedules, in my opinion, are a bigger decision maker for a lot of devs that I think Google realizes.

Try TapContext. They do not pay like other advertising companies do, but you will have guaranteed payments for next months. You are paid 35% month 1, 20% month 2, and the remaining 45% in the next 4 months thereafter. You can request payment when you got at least $250 your account balance. If you are earning over $500 they will pay you weekly via PayPal or Wire. They pay net 30.

AirPush is very good but a lot of people deinstall or won’t even download your app if they see you implemented AirPush. There are a lot of scanners for AirPush on Google Play. If they detect it, user will be warned and he will be most likely to remove your app from device. AirPush is now considered as a virus.

StartApp is often unstable and crashes(for me). They pay net 30 via PayPal or Wire. For full integration, they pay $0.055 for each new U.S install , $0.01 for each new install from any other country. For partial integration, they pay $0.04 for new U.S installs and $0.008 for new installs from any other country. A new user would be a user who’s device does not have the StartApp SDK present. A returning user (with the StartApp SDK on his device) will grant you $0.01 each from the US and $0.005 for all other countries for both full and partial integration.

  • mobilecore (weekly or when you reach $200)…I have just started using them…I am not sure about the performance…

Yeah I would have included them, but I had loads of problems with their SDK and Dashboard. Their support was also really slow.

Hi there friend,

This is the first time I hear about a support issue. We always get positive feedback on how quick and helpful the support is.
In fact, as far as I know, we’re the only ad-network that provide a personal phone number of the account manager in the developer’s dashboard (and also email & skype of course).

Please feel free to contact me on any of the SDK issues you mentioned you had.


E: [email protected]
M: +972545580401
Skype: liorshkoori

mobileCore is pretty solid, Id be willing to bet slow support is more of an isolated incident.

What is the average eCPM you get from their offerwall?

I have just started using mobilecore, the only negative thing i found is the dashboard its still under maintenence , payment terms and support are good, sdk might need a better documentation

About $2… I’m happy :slight_smile:

No, it isn’t…

Phone: US 1-800-870-8957
Email: [email protected]

You also have personal account manager with e-mail, Skype and personal phone number.

We will pay weekly (net 7) if you are in the US and make at least $50. Otherwise, we offer net 30 through PayPal, ACH Transfer, or Wire. AppBucks :: DeveloperSignup