Which type of Ad perform better for games

I am unity3D game developer(newbie) i have finished a small shoot 'em up style game for android.

Currently it is wrapped with Vserv launch and exit interstitial ads. Soon it will be published in play store.

but, i wanted to know which ad performs(gets few clicks without interrupting the gameplay) better launch and exit interstitial ads or interstitial ads on game over.



From what I have seen, exit ads perform the worst of all the fullscreen ads. Not saying that they don’t make money, just that they make less. Usually a user will spam the back button to close the app and that will close your ad too.

Launch/splash ads are good for money, but they might bother a user when he opens up your app the first time and immediately sees a fullscreen ad. You can try showing ads in between levels.

But in the end it comes down to what works for your game. Try a few and see which works.


I have to agree with @SocioSoft on this issue.

App launch interstitial seem to work better than any other location in the app. Not for all the apps in the world, but definitely most of them.

Hey Robotek - if you don’t want to interrupt the gameplay you can also explore playing around with native ads. It’s quite popular in games on our network to take advantage of the existing Game Over/Pause screens to include custom native ads that are not full-screen and will generate quite a few extra clicks that will be in addition to your launch/exit interstitials.

Banners are easy to integrate into most apps and games, but they aren’t super effective. The CPM tends to be somewhat lower.

Interstitials and videos have greater revenue potential, but as you touched upon, they need to be integrated artfully.

Within a game, you could integrate the interstitial at natural break points. For example, when a user’s game ends, or the player dies, or when they progress from level to level. You could also integrate the interstitial ads in exchange for something in the game (virtual currency). For example, you could allow the user to get another life, or a new ___, if they watch a video ad.

Thank u all… @SocioSoft as u said i will try a few things…

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Exit ads do perform well, but you need to make sure that they load quickly so they don’t show outside of an app and get you flagged on Google Play. At Airpush our SDK has ad caching to ensure that ads load within the app. We have a native Unity plugin for our SDK so integration is quick and easy. You can earn from our pay per download ad type, along with CPMs on the display ads. Our new 360 ads perform 5 times better than traditional banner ads so you earn the most revenue from each user.
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Definitely have to run some tests to figure out which spot is better for you and your users… Sometimes running both isn’t a bad thing either. Launch works well for me.