Which Solutions are 100% Google Compliant???

Hello Friends,

For the past month and a half I have secretly added to each of my apps 1 SDK (AirPush, StartApp, Widdit, Mobario, Appwiz, PingJam). 45 days after, the results are very surprising…

Each app is under a different developer account to prevent all from getting banned. Each app has 100,000-500,000 active users. I have spent a lot of time and money of this experiment.

Some of you may guess the results for some of these solutions and others will be very surprised as I was!

Stay tuned for the results later this week!

Truly yours,

Android Investigator

I would be interested in knowing more about Widdit, Mobario, Appwiz

i was going to try the Mobario_man network but after this post
New extremely intrusive ad network - Mobario : BadApps
read all the comments for the sull story

seems like the reddit kids are on a witch hunt. I don’t know how legal those networks are but i DO know never to underestimate the power of social media. Reddit is a popular powerful platform, Mobario - fix whatever you can fix ASAP

I am personally using Admob which is obviously compliant, and:

Vungle and HeyZap - they both are used also by some “big players” so it makes it bit more safer for me, though knowing Google, nothing can`t be sure.

Good experiment.

What are you getting out of doing this?
Can’t wait to see your results!
Just make sure you provide plenty of evidence to back up your data when you post.

This will be very intersting !
Since I’m integrating StartApp and already using AirPush, let’s see the maths now :smiley:

My friend, we cann’t wait to see result :smiley:

Many thanks :smiley: