Which Software are you using for graphic assets ?

Hi There

I know most of you do not really respond to such topics but I was wondering which software are you guys using when it comes to graphic assets ?
To edit your screenshots, make logos and such ?

I was using Photoshop from the beginning and still using it.
Are you guys paying for photoshop ?

I am using photoshop portable to make graphics.
How about you ?

I mostly use Photoshop. I use Fireworks for 9-patch scaling of images.
My wife uses PowerPoint to create simple buttons and InkScape for some vectors.
I would like to learn more about Adobe Illustrator but no time.

I am using Photoshop as well. Tried illustrator but never really liked i. But I have seen in produced some great graphics.

Do you guys buy Photoshop ?

For the logo designs the most prominent asset is Illustrator but sometime I also use Photoshop. Both are user friendly and give most results which demanded

Yes and No.
Yes. If you want latest copy with proper keys.

No. If you ok with older version. Torrent is available for the version 5 hack.

My team in particular uses Google Drive. We create folders for different projects/efforts and the share the folder amongst the team. All the folder (and all of its files) is stored in the cloud available to all members at all times even via the Google Drive app.

Thanks for all the answers.