Which rewarded video Ad is better? Unity or Appodeal

I am looking to add ‘Rewarded Video’ feature in my app where it’ll give some points to users.

Based on recommendations, I am in middle of deciding whether I should go with Unity or Appodeal?
My project is developed in Unity framework and currently available to play at Google store:

I prefer to go with the option which has more revenue generation and flexible payment. Also should not be affecting my existing app functionality.
Please put forward your suggestion.

thanks in advance !!

well, appodeal is a mediation tool. it has access to many ad networks including unity. So with them you will get the unity ads also. it will automatically choose the highest revenue ad to show. so i would say definitely appodeal. i just integrated rewarded videos with them and it was super simple.

Exactly. We also offer on demand payments and flexible payment methods. Let me know if you have any questions, giocostudio.

Hi giocostudio, I’m with HyprMX and we have a rewarded video mediation solution that also supports UnityAds. It is completely free to use and you maintain direct relationships with each ad network (you get paid directly from the network, we don’t take a cut).

HyprMediate is simple to use and comes with our HyprMarketplace network that delivers brand ads, think McDonalds & Toyota, rather than app install ads. Campaigns from HyprMarketplace payout on a completed view basis so you get paid once your user finishes the video.

Check us out at :: HyprMX ::

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Chris, Thanks for the information.

i have rewards app source code
i sell :0.05 BTC

thanks for the info.
So far things look good with Appodeal, however my app size has increased by 4.5M.