Which platform can make you more money IOS or Android [Poll]

So what do you think guys, which of these 2 platforms is better to start with and why. Let discuss begin :slight_smile:

Android. Discovery on iOS is very poor. Unless you have a lot of money for advertising. Or method of making your apps seen on iOS.

I think Android as well. Especially if you’re just starting out not making a lot of money - or no money at all - android’s 1-time fee of $25 is a lot easier to stomach than apple’s $99 per year.

Cool, I might go with android then, also do you focus on making quality apps for making quantity low quality apps?

Me - quality apps. Even if they are small. It’s better in the long run in my opinion.

One thing I don’t get about the iPhone app store is how the results are displayed.

Each result shows on a whole page. You must then slide to the next page to see the second result. I don’t see many people would go beyond the 3rd or 4th page while looking for an app so if you’re new and your app is 20th I don’t think it’s likely one would get any downloads. Especially considering that iPhone has even more apps that Android.

On the Android play store it’s possible to grab attention even if you’re farther down the list with a good title or icon because you get 5 or 6 apps visible at a time from a single search

Also you only get about 3 days of promotion instead of 30.

High quality apps are more profitable for longer time… I do so and i’m happy:)

Hey, thanks for your feedbacks guys, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

You may consider changing the thread name, it is asking a different question than the poll ;-).

What platform is better to start? I would say Android; it is cheaper to start and there is more information available

Which platform can make you more money? Different articles say that is easier to makemoney selling apps on IOS than Android. But I have not seen any comparative studies regarding Ads-based monetization.

If you are starting out, definitely Android, but its important to remember that the user you’ll find on apple appstore is the elite kind and is much more likely to spend on your app, so start with android but quickly go for the i phone.