which photo editor that handles all the details in the photo?

I am an aspiring photographer and I would be grateful for any advice.

What do you mean by ‘handles all the details in the photo’?

https://www.movavi.com/videoeditor/ for beginners is very good because this video editor has the most straightforward possible interface and has a wide range of editing tools. Using this editor, I can edit my video clips quickly and understandably without getting confused with the tools to do so. Besides, I can even trim them, resize them, work with Chroma Key, remove the audio track or edit it separately, which is very important in any case. I started with this particular editor and can recommend it to you.

One is mentioned above is a good source. But as for me, I do not know how to use them properly. I often hire services that specialize in content creation and they make my texts and prepare high-quality images. You can try to find such a service and they will probably help you.