Which Other network would you guys recommend besides Airpush!!!!

Hello Everyone,
I have been using Airpush for about a year or so with great results. I have been noticing that the fill rate is dropping drastically from airpush so i was looking for advice from you guys on another ad network.
Please don’t just post a name of an ad network, if you can please describe them a little, like how many add requests , how many got filled and what your cpm’s are. I know most people get a reward for recommending
someone to join their network so please don’t just spam this for that.

I want to explain in more detail to what i mean regarding airpush fill rate dropping rapidly. How is it possible that one day my apps do 2.5million impression and the next day 500k ? and then the next day up to 1.5 million ?
this just tells me that airpush was not / is not filling even 20% of my add requests. Now again , i am not bashing on airpush but rather looking for another or the next best thing to airpush so i can integrate their SDK into my
apps and fill in the holes for ads that airpush is not able to fill.

Also please give me your feedback if you have any experience integrating multiple SDK’s and how that worked out for you.

Once i get a new ad names here i will create a poll so we can get some ratings on the current say top 5 ad networks.

As you know in the 1st week I was using notifymob it was in beta and we ran into problems and I over reacted. But from the 2nd week on its been nothing but spectacular . I tested the network with an app that only has 49 installs and made $6 that week. Later on I had several apps which in total combined to 200 installs and I made $19 that week . Now I never seen revenue that high for that low of install count. Notify is highly reccomended !!


Hi Darkess01,

I’m sorry to hear your feedback. Please PM me your Airpush email address and I will have your assigned AM reach out.

HI Nick,
I think you misunderstood me, i’m not against airpush or not happy with it. I actually recommend airpush to anyone who is just starting out. But due to the fact that you guys removed the request tab and no longer show us how many requests our app / apps made and how many of them you filled only left me to start judging for myself. As i posted in my initial post, this is not very hard to do. I track my own apps daily / hourly , on their installs and add requests and so on. This practice of mine has proven to me that many ad requests by my app / apps go unanswered due to airpush not having enough ads to show. I totally understand this, I do not expect airpush to be able to fill every single add request and that is why i was asking the community for other add networks that are good so i can use them to fill in ads when airpush is not able to fill.

I truly hope that airpush for transparency reasons will one day bring back the request tab for ads.
If airpush shows their developers that they can or are only able to fill x amount of ads then we the developers will not get mad and leave airpush but would rather find other ways to fill the add gaps in our apps.
Please understand Us NIck, We work very hard to make a good app / apps and spend countless hours developing and promoting them, and it would only be fair for us to be able to maybe integrate multiple ad platforms to make sure our hard work
pays off at its maximum capacity.

Cheers and thanks for your comment.

Hi Darknes01,

I apologize for my confusion. We do appreciate your positive feedback and recommending us to other developers.
I truly do understand all the hard work that every single developer puts into designing, creating, marketing and promoting their apps, and wanting to maximize your ROI, and thank you choosing to use us as part of it.

Just to let you know, we will be putting back in the requests tab. We took it down for updates to ensure that it is 100% accurate and dead on, and will be back on the dashboard in sometime soon.