which network is the best for Asia and Europe?

hey guys i’m using ad banners in my applications and i’m having very low ecpm with admob in asia about 0.25$ and 1.25$ in Europe i was thinking to replace it with inmobi for asia and madvertise for europe anyone has good experience with these networks ?
thanks in advance

These are very good ecpms.

I’m in thailand - I started with admob - the ecpm was pathetic (never more than$1 per 1000 impressions) so i then used airpush for my next app. The return was much better - after 1 month i was getting about $5, sometimes more per thousand pushes. However, airpush is well know for their stats being all over the place (inaccurate). I was running push adds and icon adds (nearly all of this was from push adds). However, looking at the stats now - they are under $2 per thousand pushes. Nothing at my end has changed. It almost seems like some one is playing with the figures! The other issue with airpush is that the website seems to be down constantly.
You have to be careful comparing the stats of the different networks - eg airpush display pushes , not impressions, admob - impressions.
Also my airpush stats have regularly displayed fill rates of over 200%. Try to work that one out. I guess this means they are sending out more adds than i want which pisses the user off.
Due to the airpush dramas - I am looking for a new network also.

Airpush is a good option for Asian traffic…and i think 1.25$ in Europe is pretty standard for banner !