Which network is good for non incentivized downloads

Hi friends,

I am planning to promote my app through non incentivized downloads. Can you suggest me some best networks.


MobileCore/airpush /Appnext

Thank you. Between which one you will use most of the time?

if my target is canada and budget is below 50. which one should I use? thanks for reply

I’d recommend appbrain, have been using them for some time and I am very satisfied.

And about the 50$ the only ad-network I know of is giving incentivized downloads https://www.ayetstudios.com/.

Just now came across this - app2rating.com looks like they can provide 1000 downloads for 75. Looks cheaper. I have emailed them to see if we can get much discount for more than 1000 downloads.

I will let you know if I get a reply. But looks like it is incentivized downloads

App2Rating is bot downloads I think, I tested them with 100 download package and they were all delivered too quick to be real people

OMG!! Thanks for that. Let me stay away from them.After that which one you tried. I am still thinking to go for appnext or appbrain.

^ Those are bot installs, If you want to try incentivized I’d recommend us (Waypedia.com) real downloads and at resonable rates, but if you want larger volumes (100k+) and more than 2k downloadss per day the cost will be higher.

add me on Skype for more infos: mouad.waypedia

I’ve tried both ayeT-Studios and Waypedia so far… I think if I go with a Ad network it’ll cost me up to 10x more for downloads from top countries

I’m seeing some results from using incentivized downloads, my game is slowly going up the ranking for Top New Arcade game (currently sitting at 57 in US)

Hi there I hope you are happy with Waypedia :slight_smile: about your game’s ranking I recommend you to push with as many installs as you can afford per day, for example if you want 1000 downloads, make it (1000 downloads per day) do not spread the downloads to (100 per day…) I dont understand why people do that! The more you get per day the better. And there is no harm in pushing with thousands of installs per day, we are doing many campaigns for our clients with more than 5k downloads per day and more than 100k in total. and all their apps are getting amazing ranking results.

Right now I’m using Facebook to get installs to my app. I have a method to get installs cost to 0.07 - 0.14 per install. So far I’m getting about 600 installs per day from USA users. With this method you can target any country, male or female, behaviors (uses android phone etc), or interests (cars, makeup, etc)You can also use this for iOS app installs, I just don’t have an iOS app published.

I’d be willing to set this up for you for $200 one time fee. Then you can advertise all you want and get cheap installs as long as you run the campaign that I setup.

PM me if you’re interested or skype username argieapps

Adblade and AdBrite are the best among the all but I am not sure its related to your category or not?

It’s going alright with Waypedia, though the rate of downloads is a bit slow I have found for US only. Only getting half the amount of downloads a day (60) rather then the (120) that I have set

Yes you are right, for US and UK we have a shortage in our standard platform Waypedia.com, but you can use Waypedia X, if you want large amounts of traffic from US…

Can you send me details about your package on the US campaign??