Which network I should use to monetize?

I heard that Chartboost is much better then Admob? What’s your opinion guys, what I should use? I plan to make game with in ads and IAP.

Did you have a look at Avocarrot @chary? I am one of the co-founders and I can help you with set it up and start making money.

I offer you to use Mobvista or Startapp (referrals in my signature) or Airpush

Combination of (admob+startapp) would give high income… than any other ad networks…

Try Startapp, one of high paying ad networks that pays more or less higher than admob. It has a wide range of ads - splash ad, banner, interstitial, search ads, return ads etc…
It also has referral program in which you can get up to $10,000 when a new developer signs up.

My advice is combination of startapp & admob works better and gives higher payment that all other ad networks. It is best suited for all apps and games. Easy and Quick Integration.

  • Unity and corona plugins are available
  • Admob mediation also available in startapp
  • Live tracking of impressions and earnings

When your referral reaches 100k impressions you will get 25$, for 1M impressions - +$150, 10M impressions - +$1500, 25M impressions - +$2400, 50M impressions - +$5925

You can sign up using this link - StartApp - Developer Registration

Just using Admob interstitial and made 2000+ in the previous month. If your app is legit, don’t bother to use anything else.


We, IncentMobi, are a fast-growing ad network.Integrate our SDK and monetize your new users, you will get the benefits as follow:
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2.Get $40-$60 for every increase of 1000 users
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I would use appodeal - best network for me - and i have tested over 20 other networks before …

Hi chary,

AdBuddiz’ interstitial ads perform particularly well with games. We are launching our premium video ads soon (incent and non-incent), which should go down very well with gamers :slight_smile:

You can always use 2 networks to maximise your fill rate (or more if your traffic is very high). I would suggest to display high quality, high paying ads first, and then fall back on staple solutions like AdMob (they have large inventory, but the ads are less visually attractive).

Our SDK is really simple and easy to integrate (2 lines of code to paste), but feel free to PM or email me if you need help or more information: [email protected]

Admob is good for banner based earning and revmob is good for install based earning.

Hey @chary!

You should try out Supersonic. Our lightweight SDK includes all the popular ad units you need to monetize effectively including interstitials, offerwall and mobile video. It also includes our mediation, which allows you to serve video ads from other leading ad networks like admob, chartboost, adcolony and more! That will give you a chance to try out other networks too.

Feel free to message me if you’d like to receive $50 bonus to try out the [b]Supersonic[/b] platform.

Good luck!

I think now you have got a plenty of suggestions… by the way all of those which are mentioned above are good! You just need to come up with an optimal strategy and that’s all!