Making Money with Android

Which mediation fetches the most money?

Hi everyone, I would like to know what have your experience been with different mediation networks?

What have you tried?
Also how much time does appodeal need to show good results?
Do you guys feel facebook is the best network,regarding ecpm ?

For my case mopub,appodeal not worked well then I switched to hayzap and its working great …I am using admob,Facebook and hayzap ads for mediation …FAN RPM is 10$ presently for my app and hayzap giving 2$ now it’s increased to 3-4$ ( may be because holiday season)…Simple code you can turn of adnetworks easily…give it a try…

Never tried mopub.

But appodeal works best if yiu do not want to show ads on launch. It needs time to manuplate high revenue ads and all.

Heyzap is also best one.

Can try them based on your need…

I prefer when the mediation network lets me handle the ad networks, I believe it’s more transparent.

I don’t consider appodeal a mediation network, but a revenue optimiser.

Those results are for static + video interstitials or static only ?
If it’s static only, that’s amazing.

if it is a static only then awesome… now people can also install android apps on PC which will be great for us as i saw it here: Droidadda | Android Tips and Tricks

When using real mediation networks, your earnings will depend on the ad networks you plugin in, along with your traffics GEO and CTR.
At Phunware we work with Admob, Mopub and more.

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