Which its the best mediation tool for video and rewarded video ads? and some for...

Hello im beginning on this and im very confused, i have some questions:

Which its the best mediation tool for video and rewarded video ads?

Which is the most fast on payouts? or you know some where i can spend the money winned with ads for reinvert it on promote the app?

in a 30 seconds video ad played you know which money i would gain ?

And i supposse what in a mediation tool i can receive all the money received with the selected ads in my mediation tool account for can receive the money via paypal etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Recently Epom Apps started running rewarded video ads at our partner’s applications. Epom Apps is a mediation platform connected to multiple direct advertisers worldwide. That’s why you will get not only fix CPM rate from them (over $ 5 and more depending on geo) but 100% fill rate also. Rewarded videos has led our partner apps to 20-30% revenue increase in both gaming and non-gaming apps. We added only relevant video content to the video depending on the app, that’s why over 85% users do not quite apps. They just push ‘Watch video’ button and unlock next level or new content after watching 30sec video . Here are thebest rewarded video practices. for both gaming and non-gaming apps.

We can definitely launch a test and show you how rewarded videos will work for your app. We have advertising demand world wide, so we’ll monetize all your users. Sign up here to get an account and get rewarded videos and our ad budgets on board.

More about how to start monetizing users with rewarded videos if you are an app developer —> https://apps.epom.com/blog/announcement-of-rewarded-video-epom-apps

Do you also pay AdMob profit or you have a separate plugin samilarly to Appodeal and AdinCube?


The best mediation tool is the one that brings you the most effective results. And the experience of each developer is different depending on the results that metrics like eCPM and ARPDAU show. There is no ready to go formula, as each app requires experimentation. I encourage you to try several ad mediation services to determine which works better for you. Some names out there are Appodeal, Ad Colony, Iron Source, etc…

Appodeal pays in advance. You can get the money you earn whenever you want. They work with Paypal and other popular online payment services too. With them you can also cross promote between your apps or chose a specific source.

For a video ad 30 seconds sounds like a lot. Appodeal does support it, but you might want to keep it a little shorter for the sake of user experience. To me 15 seconds sounds ok. To know how much you can make from an ad you will have to start monetizing and take a look at how eCPM performs.

If you want more insights on monetization metrics or anything, let me know!

We guarantee that you will get more as with AdMob. We are absolutely separate platform. Please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll show you an account and show how easy everything works.

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