Which is the Best Online Food Delivery Script?

Online apps developed for any on-demand business should be easy to use, efficient, and feature-rich. To develop such apps, the clone script should be employed in the app. An app with the best script will provide the following features:


The app should be compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Easy registration:

The registration process should be easy, and multiple options should be available.

Profile setup:

The delivery executive should be given a separate space to introduce themselves to the customers.


In-app verification of the documents uploaded by the delivery executive should be available.

Live tracking:

Allow the user and the delivery executive to track each other for convenience.

Favourite’s list:

The customer should be allowed to bookmark their favorite delivery personnel.

Contact details:

The contact information such as name and number of the user and delivery person should be visible to each other.

Ratings and feedback:

The customer will rate the service of the delivery executive and provide any additional suggestions if required.

Any business person who is in search of a company that provides a robust app with all these features can take a look at the Uber Like App site. Their experts will develop and launch an app for your business in a few days.

Hi There,

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