Which is the best network to indian traffic users/traffic?

i just finished making a new game which is only targeting indian users

i want to monetize my game

which network should i go i am little confused


Please share your experience

one more question if i switch to another network then do i have to integrate a new sdk and update the app in play store every single time?

Yes, if you decide to change Ad Network you will need to integrate new SDK and update the app in play store every time.
Or you could use a mediation service such as Heyzap or MoPub (but if you don’t want to updated the app every time, you will need to include all SDKs you plan to use/try)

how can i use two ad networks simultaneously and same ad placement?

2 ways to do it.

  1. Either do it by mediation. Sercj in Goggle how mediation network works. By using mediation you can use multiple networks ads at the same placement.

  2. Or do it manually by loading the network ads.

1st one is preffered and highly used though.