Which is the best logo

I need to ask for help in choosing a logo for an upcoming game.

I have two the same but with different colours.

Which one appeals to you, which one would tell the user “install me”

#1 is my favorite

thanks id need more than one person tovote thought for this to actually be classed as useful

Yes have to agree with above poster, 1 does look appealing when compared to other two.

#1 is good

#1 by far for me

Voted #1 … tnx

I’m a designer and I can say none of them are good, really, you should create another icon

If you are a designer at least help the guy… You can suggest for improvements or share some points…

The thread has been a very long time ago :smiley:

He’s probably pulished this game already

#3 for me

Looks more professional and also would look better as an icon

Voted for 3

I was just about to give my feedback) Didn’t notice also.