Which is the best advertising platform?

Hi Guys, I like to know your experience in advertising and which advertising platform stands the best in 2019?


As my experience, Instagram is one of the best platforms for advertising and marketing. Because Instagram generates more user engagement ratio, more traffic and more user visibility than any other marketing platforms. Instagram is the best for all types of brands’, products’ and websites’ marketing and advertising.

I have to agree. Instagram can do a lot. My wife once successfully promoted her blog in this way.

Google Ads. With Google ads, ads can show on both desktop and mobile devices. …
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Instagram is the best advertising platform of 2019 which promotes all kinds of content for advertising and marketing.

In 2019, Instagram is the best platform to promote app.

Email and SMS marketing is more developed now. I, for example, towards the end of the month I want to arrange an action on discounts on beachwear. Since this is a relevant issue, I think with the right advertising you can attract a lot of customers. Last year, with the help of the bsg.world’s services, this led to the fact that all regular customers were aware of the event. In the 21st century, you need to use different strategies to get high profits.