Which is better?

Hellow everybody, according to your experience which is installed more on google play, apps or games

of course apps ,i need some for video and some for music and novels etc .i just
play games when i feel bored

Both, you cannot say one has more demand than other. There are people who don’t use apps at all and there are people who don’t play games at all.

I must say Both …

Well, I guess you have asked a pretty difficult question and without any proper sources it’s pretty much hard to say anyway I’ve tried digging myself over to the web in search of some strong source to prove I am correct and then I came across App Annie blogpost means we can trust over the number so according to them the most popular category by downloads over the PlayStore is “Gaming Category” and then comes the other utility apps !

Gaming category of Google play store is top category.I agree with @Promo07

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Agree with you…

for me both!

It changes but I think app is better

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I personally download more apps than I do games. I use some apps for business purposes, and everyone in a while I’ll play a game to escape every once in a while.

apps and games and both :slight_smile: In fact I use to download more apps rather then games. But I dont keep the games too long in my device I keep them recycling. Because my phone gets too heavy with a lot of installed games and their stupid kind of updates and notifications. On the other hands apps are great as you can find one whenever you need one. there is an app for almost each kind of work related with your daily activities and all this. Even your personnel book keeping can be done through apps

Apps and games are good to get more downloads.

For apps, if you develop a good app which is needed for everyday use, you can get more download and DAU.

For games, most people play games, but do you thing they will play your game everyday? Unless your game is very actictive like COC. So if you have more downloads from your game, it doesn’t mean you can earn more for long term.

Obviously Apps. I have 3-5 games on my phone but I have more than 15 Apps.