Which interstitial ad network use in my app?

Hi! I’ve updated my app and I’ve developed a new UI. The previous UI made possible accidental clicks, but now with the new UI, accidental clicks are quite impossible. My app is used for 80% by italians, and has 6000 daily users. I want to show an interstitial when the user leaves the app. I tried AdMob but I got bad results (0.4$ ecpm), tried RevMob (0.7$ ecpm) but it hasn’t a good fill rate, tried AppBrain but it pays bad for each install…a while ago I tried other ad networks but now I can’t remember which they were…I’m looking for a ads network that pays around 1$ for each installs (CPI). Is it impossible? This is my app:


Thank you.

I can’t see you getting $1 per install for Italy traffic, at least consistently.

mobileCore does well with apps. You might get good results with AppNext and StartApp too, although they are stronger in games, generally (in my experience).

I use all three networks between my apps and games.

Startapp has still problem with antivirus? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Maurizio,

Appnext is the only network with a ‘send to email’ function in the interstitial, which really increases eCPMs. But the others mentioned by A1ka1inE are not bad as well, and both of them should be Google compliant (from what in know…). What I can say about appnext is that in tier 1-2 countries (like Italy), our eCPMs are quite high, and better than what you mentioned.

Please get in touch if you need more information. My Skype name is yoni_raveh

I used appnext a while ago in this app…I got 40000 impressions, 261 clicks, and only 16 installs = 9,95$
In a game appnext worked far better, I got 16000 impressions, 1546 clicks, 28 installs = 21$

Why I had this big difference between one app and one game?

How about February promotion? If i will get other 45k impressions I will get my 100$ bonus? In the past I had 55k impressions from appnext.

Hi Maurizio,

First of all, if you haven’t reached 100K impressions so far (and it looks like you hadn’t), you are eligible for the $100 bonus. Send me your details privately.
As for your last experience with appnext - much has changed since then, especially our ad unit itself, now with the ‘send by email’ function. So, it’s worth another try.

PM me or send me an email privately ([email protected]) so we can keep close track of your performance.

hello, this is Anemone Tang from eomobi mobile ad network company. We provide 10$ just for sign up.
We pay by new installs, the revenue can reach 30$ per 1000 new installs, and do payout weekly for every 50$.
kindly give message if you are interested.

Your PPD rates are for out-of-app ads which are not compliant with Google’s policies.

A1ka1inE, thanks for your reply. Yes, our smart wall out form are a little problem with Google policy, but we issue our new version of SDK with smart wall in form which are compliant with Google’s policy definitely.

By the way, are there any dev. for non Google Play store interested in our smart wall out ad?? kindly PM me. Tks.