Which CPI advertiser do YOU use?

To the seasoned developpers here at MMWA : Which Incentivized CPI advertiser do YOU use to promote your app ?

There are so many of them that I do not know which one to use for mine. Tapjoy, app2top, cpimobi … etc.
I wanna hear your favorite incentivized cpi advertiser and your experience with them (download rate and organic installs generated after words) … I’m sure a lot of newbies would appreciate it !

I have used app2top yesterday for the first time. I bought 600 downloads. I have not yet seen the download count increase in my game, which is a bit concerning. The app2top promotion is currently at 88% complete.

I will come back to this post as soon as I hear more.

google play needs 48-72 hrs to record the downloads.

also, 600 downloads may give you only something like 500th rank in a sub-category (e.g. racing) in one country, more downloads are needed to let you charted higher in multiple countries to get organic installs.

If you buy 8000 more installs I am sure you will have 100-200 installs daily after the campaign is finished, and in a month, you may get at least 3000-4000 real non-incentivized installs at the price of $800, so cost per download is really low.

(remember to tick deliver as fast as possible!)

How sure are you of that? Have you bought yourself 8000 downloads and saw this behaviour in any of your apps? 8000 downloads is a big investment if I don’t get any real return.

I got contacted btw by app2top and they are having problems with installing my app in one of my chosen countries, which is unfortunate.

The app in the question is using Admob banners and Chartboost interstitials. I am planning on removing the Chartboost interstitials and adding either MobileCore Interstitials, StartApp Interstitials or AdMob Interstitials.
For a game in the Education category, do you guys recommend any of these three? Or maybe another network I dont know about?

incentivized installs are super-useful. I bought 11,000 downloads from combined sources and I reached 65k downloads in half a year. Business is , afterall, a matter of risking oneself for great outcomes. I think you have much less risk as an internet based business. A few hundred bucks is a nothing risk, considering that some people spend tens of thousands bucks to open a little store in the downtown.

oh, don’t spread of 600 downloads in to more than one countries - it’s better to concentrate on one country.

Admob is the best, IMO

Mate, thanks very much for your input. In fact, you’re so right! If someone wants to open a cafe, he/she will have to invest tens of thousands to get the business up and running.
Investing $1k on CPI is not that much indeed, if you compare.

My GeoWhere game is pretty cool, and I am very proud of it. I think it deserves a better investment. I will definitely consider that. I will wait to see what happens with these 600 downloads, although I guess I should not expect much.


no problem.

I would suggest that your goal would be to: get ranked (i.e.~ top 530) in as many countries’ charts as possible. (I guess for your old game, many organic downloads were driven from your game being charted!)

However, there are certain thresholds in order to get charted…

For instance (some outdated data of mine, may not be correct!), to break into top #200 in Causal game category of USA, you need to have around 2000 downloads in 3 days. To reach top #500 in brain
and puzzle category, 600-700 in three days.

In other countries, competition is less fierce. For instance, in germany, if you got 200 downloads in 3 days, you may easily break into top #500 of sports category.

Remember, though, that if you need 30 downloads to get into top #530 but you unfortunately peak at rank of #531(hidden) with 29 downloads purchased, then the 29 downloads would go to waste.

For this reason, it may be wiser for your to place all the quota on one country to increase the chance of being ranked in that particular country, rather than spreading the same quota across all the ten countries, making u fail to get charted in any.

btw. if the provide claims that it can provide 564 downloads, just buy 560/550 or even 500 downloads is cool, since deviations may occur. if you buy 564 sharply, some costs go to waste if it turns out they cannot to provide so.

Hope that it helps!

May I ask where you got that data from?
Your own experience?

I start saving some money for some crazy CPI campaign for GeoWhere. Hope it’s worth the investment!!

one is my own exp :wink:
while for the rest, I use Apptopia to track the estimated download number of the game (just sign up and you will have ten free request)

and I use http://appannie.com/ to track the ranking of that App - by combing the two tgt, you may know the download count required for a certain position in a particular country.

besides App2top, ayet also offers a great service, if u purchase 10k+ you will only need to pay $0.091 per install, the only con is that many downloads are from low income countries
ayeT-Studios: Home

Hope it helps and good luck :slight_smile:

Since you have been so helpful, may I ask one more favour?
I am preparing the app store for my next game: Cannonball Candies. Can you please have a look at the Icon and let me know what you think?

Thank you! Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

It’s pretty good :slight_smile: the main character is quite cute

The background is less interesting, but I think it does not matter much as when people look at icon, their attention is on the main character

good luck!

App2top is real devices . but not real users.

Better try ayetstudios or waypedia which is real devices and real users , in my knowledge

waypedia delivers 300 per day at 0.12, too slow to boost your rank to anywhere. if you want quick installs, waypedia X costs u 0.3 up per install… I had rather buy non-incent installs

also, even if you have “real” users, only 5% of the downloaders actually open your App, so there is basically no difference.

May be true . I have not used waypedia recently

Ayetstudios almost 70-80 % Users opens app ( I have bought upto 5k / app )

More over bot downloads is definitely risky for developer account . So ayet will be far better than app2top

Anyway , we cannot expect high volume from ayet too

I use AppBrain for CPI. (Have high retention ratio, Maybe they have special mechanizm?)
I use StartApp for CPC.

App2Top is just help you to boost download for CPI. I think that if you want to get TOP on google play, you maybe need that.
If you want to get real user, try others. (App2Top website already says clearly. I also have ever buy that, and then OH MY God. I wrong.)
But their review exchange is good.

wanna know more about Appbrain, wt is your retention ratio roughly? and how much you bid per DL, any targeting countries? how many DLs per day?


The retention ratio is good. This is I compare to other AD network.
If your install ratio is good, you could use $0.22 (I like use this) to get US download.

how much you bid per DL?? … I guess that …
Install Ratio is good. So you could use cheaper price to get install. (But they install lowest money is $0.2)
It is a trick… if you already get good install ratio compare to click.
Maybe you could change to StartAPP. :stuck_out_tongue: … Cost by Click.

So I think … good review is the most important thing.
Good APP, get Good retention ratio.

Still trying.

how many Dls you can get with 0.22 in US max. per day if your install ratio is good? thanks again :slight_smile:

I am not rich man.
And the story is on last year.

I got good star from fiverr. :stuck_out_tongue: … They help to write many 5 star.
I see the report, and I spend max $100 a day. (for $0.22)

And then, seem competitor developer write me 1 star and then fiverr’s 5 star almost gone.
So my review become bad.

Now, I cannot get high install rate for that APP.

And I also fear to waste too many money.

Appbrain is dangerous then :X

seems like incentive installs are better