Which are the best sites for free/paid icons and sounds for apps?

Hello everyone, can you please share which are the best sites to find icons and sounds for apps and games? Please indicate free or paid ones. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Fiver to get really good $5 icons in my opinion.

What about already made packages of icons, images and sounds either free or paid?

for icons… you can download it through…

their are more than 1500 icons from different categories.

Free Android Icons - 1000+ icons for your App

For icons you can take a look at :
8500+ Icons - Vector Icons - PNG Icons | GraphicRiver - professional work (paid) it has good categorization so you can search based your app/game category.
Buy Icons and Download Icons | Stock Icons | Seanau - very good collections have used them in many apps.
Icon sets & stock icons - enormous database with icons.
https://www.iconfinder.com - also big database with icons but i don’t know if the have collections.

For sounds I would suggest:
Royalty Free Music - Sound Effects - Stock Audio | AudioJungle - a member of envato family. They have music packs and sound effects with very good categorization that you could use.
freeSFX.co.uk - Download Free Sound Effects - free sound effects not professional quality but they are free!
Free Sound Effects - SoundGator - less sound effects but good quality
Sound Effects from Major Motion Pictures - both free and paid

I agree to moneyappdev, Seanau icons is good.