which app is most popular for lock my images and videos?

hello there i just got samsung galaxy s6 which is having android operating system i’m looking for image and video privacy app for my new smartphone. i heard about LEO Privacy Guard in Android os but confused as there are so many option available in android should i use the same or should i go with any other app ? i found couple of option in android like.

RedPhone: Private Calls
AppLock (Free Application Lock Utility)
LEO Privacy Guard
CM Security Antivirus AppLock
Smart AppLock

any other app idea is also welcome thanks

I have used LEO Privacy Guard Android app. It’s the best android app for image and video privacy.

leomaster app locker

I use Leo Privacy Guard myself.

Tried AppLock and a few others but they weren’t really that great.

Smart AppLock came the closest but the feature availability was inferior. It provided app locking abilities but didn’t have the well rounded security package offered by LPG.

So yeah that’s definitely the app I’d go with.

LEO Privacy Guard 3.0 is Best and Most Trusted and Download Privacy Safeguard Protects over 200 Million Users from Private Information Leakage, with Strong AppLock to Lock up Apps, Convenient Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole, Safe Box to Hide Private Photo & Video, WiFi Security to Secure Network Safety, etc.

The most popular apps to hide photos and videos on android are hide pictures in vaulty, hide pictures keepsafe vault, hide pictures hide it pro and private photo vault. I would choose mainly these apps.

Awesoem!! great topic i just wanted to add more info about the app and also the download links :slight_smile:
Its a all-in-one suite for privacy.

It Includes features as

Strong AppLock to Lock up Apps
Convenient Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole
Safe Box to Hide Private Photo & Video
WiFi Security to Secure Network Safety

Its a all in one app to protect your Phone.

Try Gallery Vault very simple and working proper

The pictures in our phone are meant to be viewed by anyone. We may have many confidential and private pictures that are only for our eyes. Unfortunately, anyone may seize hold of your Smartphone. Here are some apps for hiding Pics and Videos.

  1. Vault-Hide
    Vault is an all round app for hiding all the data in your phone as well as, photos and videos, SMS, contacts and even Apps. You can easily add all this data to your vault and then password protects it to ensure no one has right to use to it. Best for Hides all types of data, and creates a backup of your data.

  2. KeepSafe Vault:
    Another app for the same purpose is KeepSafe. It is one of the most popular apps on Android to protect your photos. You can enter a PIN to lock all the photos and then hide them from the phone gallery so that no one will have access to these photos. You also can hide pictures & videos on your Android phone using this app.

  3. Gallery Lock
    I personally like this app, the thing which I like most is after 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker. Gallery Lock manages pictures and videos by independently hiding them and it is an app that is completely needed for protection of personal privacy.

  4. Private Photo Vault
    The key feature of Double protection is with two passwords, full control over photos and videos and easily shares the locked photos. Private Photo Vault is a photo and video hiding app with robust customization options. You can add password/Pin on the app and also on the albums inside it. This will let you add two passwords on your Photos/ videos.

  5. Fotox
    Up to four locking methods, cloud backup and different methods to secure the app and data. If you need some good security and backup features for your private photos, then Fotox is a reliable app. It offers four types of locking methods, including Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection.

I am also using Leo Privacy and could say its the best one. It has dual protection, Image and video hiding and app locking in one single app.

LEO Privacy Guard Android app is the best android app cause of possessing the ability to lock apps, hide any folders including photos, calls, contacts, apps, etc. , if the phone has been stolen keep the phone tracked , and when anybody else other than you take a selfie feature that snaps a photo when it detects a security breech , so i think Leo Privacy Guard app is great for security.

Yeah, this is a revolutionary app, which now almost every android or iOS user recommends.

OK I don’t think that I can use it also for videos, but for the pictures I’ve been using Keep Safe since 2011 and I enjoy it very much.

There’s only a disadvantage… the fact, that I lose pictures when I change my smartphone… but mostly they aren’t important and it isn’t a big problem.

You could just lock the gallery and protect your videos, it is all in one app, and you could get utmost protection through it.

i think leo nice

Yeah Guddu, its not only nice, its amazing, just get the app and you would be tension free regarding your mobile data.