Which android source code are banned by google play?

Various source code are being sold by Chupamobile & codecanyon, etc… Which have increased many duplicate apps in play store… Do google track these ? If so they may ban some apps… Is this thing happening ? Have you experience such things? And if we upload the source code without changing the graphics then can we get into trouble?

I use my own code and my own account, and Google still ban me, so dont think Google is smart, and they will surely ban ur account one day just because of their stupid bot that were developed by less educated programmers at Google

“Flow” got me banned from google play. Don’t use any copyrighted app names if you don’t wanna get banned.

Anyway google change its approach to new apps, all apps now will be moderated before live, anyone experience this?
Is there still 3 strike your out policy?

I believe not only for new apps. Even for updates to existing app it is no longer immediate. I guess google play is abused to such an extent that they are now following what apple is doing. Vet all new and updates before putting it live.

That’s certainly a step in the right direction. I’ve read so many horror stories these past two months, it seemed they were getting kicks out of ruining indie developers’ lives. Banning after giving a reason is okay but suspending a dev and asking to come back with a new app after being left in the lurch to figure out what the violation was, did it count as one or two strikes, is pure harassment.

The dev is then uploading a new app with fingers crossed that what they think they’ve changed is what they’ve been suspended for. But no, that’s not it! BAM, strike three and they are out of the Play store! That’s the most sickening thing I’ve ever heard Google do.