Which android device should I purchase?

Hi Everyone,

I like android and want to all the benefit of android app. So which device is comfortable for all android apps. I do not want any issues, like- device does not support this app etc. So please share your experience with me and help me in purchasing best android device.

Nexus 5, super fast the latest updates and about every app would run on it

Nexus 5 all the way

Any Nexus I would say. I would prefer tablet myself to a phone, but still. :wink:

Thanks for reply but my friend suggest Samsung also. So what do you think about Samsung Galaxy.

Galaxy s4 or 3?

Ok thanks.

Note 3 is nice. The stylus makes it much more useful than a normal phone. If only it was smaller…

Note 4 is coming out soon - will have high specs according to trade press. Might be worth an upgrade for a Note user - since Note 2 and Note 3 may not have been huge jumps.

Definetly nexus 5

I have Nexus 7 (new generation), I can recommend it to you. Every app works on it. Good for surfing the internet and watching movies is more comfortable than on smartphone!

I can’t believe no one has mentioned nexus 5.

Can’t go wrong with the nexus so i suggest nexus 5

Look at the second and third post in this thread…

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I bought one just two weeks ago, and its better compering to Galaxy 3 and Nexus 4 I have before

I also recommend you nexus 7. The newest system and good quality.

At this point I have:

  1. Galaxy Tab 10.1 as 10inch tablet
  2. Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with broken screen(bought it for testing) - as 7 inch tablet
  3. Samsung Cover - as MDPI normal screen device
  4. Samsung AceII - as HDPI normal screen device
  5. Samsung S4 Active - as XHDPI / XXHDPI normal screen device .
  6. Sony Arc - my syster’s phone - as HDPI normal screen device(it has a big larger resolution, 480x854, but this resolution is very popular)

So by this list of devices I cover most of android screen sizes in day to day testing.

I recommend to have devices to match Android Dashboard data, e.g.

Well, i think you should go forward with Google Nexus as they are the people who keeps on updating their device as soon as the update is available !! And if you still go for samsung you will only be getting 2-3 updates and that will be after a month of launch … !!

Nexus seems to be the answer… :wink:

I’m thinking of purchasing Moto G, what do you guys think of it? (price is a big advantage here…)

Well, I am sorry but this is one of the most inappropriate question I have encounter over you are seeking help from users in getting a android device but you haven’t mentioned any needs, specification, price range … :confused: tell you what every application is just perfect in running most of the application available over the GooglePlay. But as you have asked the question over here means I need to help you out with the decision try going with the Google Nexus7 as its from Google means you can bet on that you are going to get latest update, and it’s good enough to run almost all the application over the Google Play. :slight_smile:

Google’s Nexus 5 is the company’s best smartphone to date. It’s equipped with a big, Full HD 4.95in display, and the design now mimics that of the recent Nexus 7 tablet, with a grippy matte-black soft-touch plastic finish. It’s a pleasant device to hold in the hand and use, and despite the screen size, not too heavy. Many other features are available. So Google Nexus 5 is best for purchase…