Which Android Advertising Network has the Best eCPM?

If my users are mainly from USA/Canada/Australia/Philippines/india

and I hope to use interstitial as the main source of my income?


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Using Admob won’t be wrong, just it had strict policies. As for other recommended ad networks, you can experiment with mobileCore, appnext, Chartboost, facebook, amazon, heyzap.

If you aim for high eCPM and willing to compromise user experience, use video interstitial ads instead, e.g. unity ads, chartboost, adcolony, vungle.

thanks man,

I am going to incorporate Admob, just want to find one or two more to put my eggs into more baskets

How is mobilecore/heyzap/appnext’s interstitial’s ecpm? which of them looks the best?

The eCPM depends on a lot of factors. Heyzap is having mediation service, might be useful for you. Appnext is having promotion this month, which double income for newcomers. mobileCore is still a very solid ad network for interstitial. All of them should be fine.

thanks man

Lovefromheaven - I would recommend to consider testing Adscend Media as well. We carry mobile CPI apps and other kinds of mobile aligned CPA offers. If you have the time to connect we can also discuss current eCPM figures.

the most profitable ad network nowdays is facebook, the rest is far far away

thanks for all the suggestions.

Would be even better if some of you can come up with some raw data :wink: