which adnetworks are risky in play store and tips to don't get banned?

Hi! :slight_smile:
I am new to app development, especially with adnetworks and have almost finished my new app!
which adnetworks are too 100% legitim with google play store? because i don’t want to be banned, in reason of an unlegitim adnetwork.
Which ones are recommended? By the way, I am from Austria - Europe and I want to use interstitial. I read about using two or more, for sure income? do you have some tips for me?

And what do I have to consider when i upload my app?
avoiding violations is one of the important things.
is it allowed when I call my app for example “forum for android” instead of “android forum”? or is this also too risky, even when i write “for android, for samsung, for facebook , …” ?

thanks for every answer or tip :smiley:

Hi Spezi,

Just to let you know the Airpush Bundle 1 and Standard SDK are proven 100% Compliant with Google’s advertising policy’s, and all ads are within the app.
Our SDKs include a EULA (end user license agreement) for your users to opt in to and inform them that you are using an ad network, and gives them the option to opt out. The SDK is for transparency to your users and compliance.

Airpush Nick

The tapjoy is having issue as of now with google play compliance

This guy summed it up pretty well