Which AD networks pay per click and impression?

I noticed most AD networks pay per install only . I am wondering is there still AD networks who pay per impression and click ?

Mopub…but vey low fillrate

Avocarrot is a very good network. It pays per click and per impression. You can use my referral link in case if you just want to give them a try App Monetization with Native Ads | Mobile Ad Network | Avocarrot

At Airpush, our display ads pay on a CPM rate from impressions on the ads. The associated CPM is calculated by our algorithm from the country of the users and level of engagement from clicks and conversions on the ads. Our Bundle 1 SDK also includes a pay per download, where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and agreement opt in, along with CPMs on the ads. Our Bundle 2 SDK for 3rd party markets just pays on pay per download and agreement opt in of your app ($0.05 world wide at a $50eCPM).

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Airpush Nick

Hi Guys,

Here at AerServ we pay on CPM and are non performance based. With that being said we do support various other ad networks on our platform such as Vungle, Adcolony, Admob which are performance based. We offer 100% branded ads and high paying ad formats. Diversify your campaigns with AerServ mediation. Having a good mix of campaigns will result in higher use engagement and overall higher revenue.

With our platform its never been easier to try new networks, we support the majority of our networks via API, which means no more additional SDKS required! Easily activate or pause networks on the fly, while not having to worry about republishing your app to GooglePlay/Appstore.

Feel free to check out our platform: https://www.aerserv.com/


Are they 100% google compliant? How long have you been using them for and what has the revenue been like?

Except for Admob surely everybody knows it, I know opera medianetwork is also CPM based, but not sure how good fill rate it is.

i think startapp is click sometime
and mopub and avocarrot is impression and click

@MilesP - yes. We have fully adopted all the latest advertiser policies from Google both for the Avocarrot SDK and the native ads integration guidelines.

post your 7 day stat pls… tnx

Whats your payment threshold , how much do you have to earn before payment. Also is it net payments or weekly?

@Pixelpower re Avocarrot payment terms:
a) minimum payment threshold is $50 PayPal / $250 wire transfer
b) all payments NET-30

how much is the average CPM for Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Philippines??

What are your payment terms.?

We have been actively using Avocarrot since 3 months. We only use their native Ads in our apps and they definitely outperform banner Ads by 2-4 times. We have 90% of our traffic from India and they have around 80% fill-rates. They are also CPC/CPM based so they even pay for clicks and impressions.

If anyone is interested in trying Avocarrot Ads, please signup using the below referral link:
App Monetization with Native Ads | Mobile Ad Network | Avocarrot


Our strengths are English Speaking countries but we do have some international demand as well. We support various other popular networks that have strengths in those regions. Easily test our supported networks via API and manage and control everything through our easy to use UI.

Our payment terms are net 45. Let me know if you’re interested in trying out our platform.


MobLyft runs a combination of CPI-CPC-CPMV-CPM campaigns on top of a our single SDK mediation layer.


I personally think that Facebook Ads Management Services are the best if you want to increase sales on your websites. I too have been using Facebook ads and do all the management on my own and also I learn various tips online to improve the campaign.