Which ad network to use for new app

I am looking to re-skin a new app possible nutty pilot or captain Rocket or an app along theses lines.

Now my question is which ad network would you use.I currently have admob, revmob and chartboost. Now i know most people with tell me to use this or that network and hey here is my referral link as well. Now i don’t mind that but back your suggestions up proof if your going to do that. I am also open to trying any new networks out there. Two networks i don’t fancy are pollfish and Appodeal. Sorry if you are connected to these but they not for me. Also i don’t mind using more than one network.


Which ad type you are thinking to use in your app…If its banner use admob for interstitials use mobileCore or StartApp or appodeal…

I tried many ad network for mobile and I am contented using Startapp and Airpush which give me 1 - 3$ eCpm. .Just click my referral link below. Thanks

Startapp break down:

banner: 0.05$ - 1$ cpm
intertitial: 0.5$ - 1$ cpm
native ads: 0.1$ to 2$ cpm

Airpush break down:
Smart Wall: 1$ - 3$ cpm
banner: 0.03$ - 0.05$ cpm
360 banner ads: 0.1$ - 1.5$ cpm

This report was 3 months ago. Some times it double or triple depending on the season.


I would recommend you networks from my signature. They are the best for now, but i don’t know how long they will on top…

Best combination for me

For Banner - use Admob and
For interstitial use Mobilecore(high eCPM $1 - $3 )
Native ads → avocarrot

Depends where your traffic is coming from.

If you’ve got US and interested in video ads happy to give you some more info.

Why do you always suggest mobilecore?
530 impression, 47 clicks and 0.00$ revenue… WOW!

530 impressions is really nothing to make conclusions. Especially for a CPI network (which is not passing through its best times).

you don’t understand their business model. Any CPI network will have zero revenue even for a 1M impressions if no one is interested to install the ads from your app. It is not admob that you are paid per click. 530 impressions is not enough to get revenue from any ad networks out there…

To answer your question why I always suggest MobileCoreis because I like them even they are not currently on their best times but still I’m getting good money from them…

Yesterday stat:

I think it depends on the kind of your users app, and also on Nations.
With my app I can do like 1000 impressions per day and 0 installs, so 0$ revenue.
0.30$ by avoccarot for example, is better than 0 of mobile core, because I think my user will rarely install (all the ad provided by mobile core are in english).

AdMob ecpm has increased by 200% in the last two years. I recommend to use them for banners and interstitials.

I recommend mobilecore. Your eCPM will depend on geo of your user

Seems mobileCore eCpm has increased from the last 5-6 days…most of my traffic comes from Brazil and Indonesia and my ecpm increased from 0.40-0.60$ to 2.0-2.5$…

Exactly… I hope they are going back on track…

Which type of apps that Brazilian like to use?

Yes, my MobileCore eCPM is going back to acceptable levels lately after many so-so months. Hope it will last!

Its like an utility app for backing up apps and contacts,call log…etc…I don’t know why its hit in Brazil…I get 70% of downloads from Brazil which is 2500 downloads from Brazil Dailey…:)…My apps is kind of good every 6 members of 10 keeping my app in their mobiles…

For a list of all other networks, you can visit Thalamus.co

It’s used more for UA but in the future we may include average eCPMs by genre/platform/geo which will give you a good sense of estimated yield.

May I ask which formats perform best at mobilecore? Are you still getting those ecpms for Brazil?


mobile core is the best way to earn