Which Ad network to use after new Policy change

Been only using leabolt which is now a joke. From high $6 eCPM, its not down to $0.39. Leadbolt is out for me atleast.

Airpush was bad in the past but i heard some good reviews coming in for the last few weeks so was keen to try that. Now my worry is notifications ads compliance with the new policy. No one really know whats good or bad since the policy is so vague.

Has anyone updated to the new airpush SDK, did that affect your earnings in any way?

Also wondering, if tapjoy is in compliance with the new policy since Google says users shouldn’t be blocked or denies access to content within the app through the user of offer walls or ads.

Also if anyone is using in -App purchases, whats your total installs to purchase ration?

My new app should be ready this week but am totally confused on what to use to monetize this. Any help is appreciated.

[Been an observer in this forum for 3 months. Finally making my first post]
I have personally removed all the push ads and icon ads in my apps. Added in app purchases in few apps and will be doing more (More content + remove ads completely with inapp purchases).

As android developers we have the obligation to improve android platform (our success is tied to success of the platform). I believe removing intrusive ads and encouraging people buy what we build is the way we can contribute to the improvement of platform.
[Also if anyone is using in -App purchases, whats your total installs to purchase ration?]

This really depends on the content of app, where users are located, users bonding with the app etc …
I have this vary from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 60.

Thanks chris for sharing those in-app purchase details. I think niche, market demand and country matters in in-app purchase. Is there any way we can only enable this to US/UK and rest of the world will be pushed to ads. The only i think is to create 2 apps and distribute separately based on countries

Why would you want to do that? What is wrong with the rest of the world? My apps sell well for example in Germany, Sweden, Poland. I’ve got sells to Brazil, Korea, Hungary…

Magnesus is spot on. Korea and Japan are biggest surprises for me when I enabled in app purchases.

Hi Gents,

Sorry for jumping in. I believe that the following can help you reach some monetization-related decisions. I’d like to share a mobile monetization landscape.

Mobile monetization landscape

How come Google Analytics is not in your list of “Analytics” ?

Firstly, we will be happy to add anything :slight_smile:
Please do remember that this landscape is aimed at mobile application monetization solutions (no online or mobile web).

Thanks for that tip on in-app purchase. I think I will just distribute to the entire world. Is there a way to monetize Live wallpapers with in-app purchase? Anyone doing this?

What has worked for me is release a free version with several options disabled (but shown to the user) and then a link to the paid version. If your wallpaper is good, some people will buy it (most won’t). Also, if I were you, I would still continue using ads, because as soon as your download numbers decline, you’ll lose a lot of revenue from purchases, but you’ll still monetize your free users.

Couple points… first, Airpush’s new SDK was actually planned to coincide with the updated Google Developer Policy - that’s in addition to following guidelines from security firm Lookout. So airpush has done itself, its users, and its industry a huge favor by being responsible for its actions in a really positive (and dare I say refreshing) sort of way. Secondly (and I guess lastly) another reason why you should give the sdk a gander is because Airpush is actually delivering on the hype surrounding smartwall, etc. Click through rates for advertisers are somewhere around 16% through smartwall and devs are getting CPMs averaging $9.55. Might wanna check it out. Good luck!