Which ad network should I choose?

Hey guys,
I’m just finishing my new app, and now I’m looking for great monetizing for it. I was using startapp, but they aren’t paying downloads now and their CPM went low (0,2 USD). What is now best paying ad network in your opinion? What ad network has highest CPM now?

For me its a split between Admob and mobileCore. StartApp and AppNext do well too.

What avarage eCPM does mobileCore and AppNext have? I also tried Admob, but it pays only for clicks right? StartApp is great, I hope my eCPM by Startapp will raise to its normal…

I am getting $1 - $3 eCPM with MobileCore.

See attached image…


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Hey Serpentess,

With Airpush, our Bundle 1 SDK includes our newest 360 banner ads, which are really cool looking and engaging to users, and are performing 3 to 5 times better than regular banner ads, along with CPMs on our smart wall and pay per download, where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt in ($0.002 internationally, so a minimum of $2.00 eCPM).

For 3rd party android markets, our bundle 2 SDK pays a higher pay per download at up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide (a $50 eCPM).

Check out our demo site here:
360 Demo | Airpush | Mobile Ads Redefined

LMK any questions.


That completely depends on your specific traffic. I have traffic from all four corners of the globe, and with mobileCore interstitials I see an average eCPM of $3.95 (past 1 month)
Admob generally pay for clicks, but they also run CPI these days. mobileCore, StartApp and AppNext are CPI, so you get paid when a users installs an app.

I think if you have traffic in sout-east Asia, you can try Mobvista. They are delivering me 0.4 USD eCPM. Anyway, better.

I installed mobileCore yesterday, so I need to wait to see some result to make colnclusion.

Does anyone have some experience with Flurry? What do they pay for? Installs, impressions or clicks? How is their eCPM?

the perfect mix is admob, startapp and mobilecore.

For Completely 100% legit clean apps - admod still works best for me. If it’s a gray / black hat app with any chance of getting banned - mobile core

That’s a very good question! Since there are so many different options and opinions nowadays, it can difficult to determine what’s the best route to take. However, even though ads typically cost money, there are some reputable sites/networks that offer FREE trials, so one idea would be to try 2 such sites simultaneously and then monitor to see which one does better and is the best paying, this way you’ll know where to focus your future attention and also spend marketing money. Maybe begin by doing an online search for ‘app marketing 2014’ and ‘free app marketing’ in order to get the latest info and offers :wink: Hope it helps, Good Luck!

OP is asking about the best network from a monetization point of view, but good advice nonetheless!

Thanks AlexC, I’ll check it out sometimes, but as A1ka1inE said, I’m looking for specific ad network right now.

I’ll probably use combination of AppFload (Splash screen), so it gives me revenue for downloads and for installing ad app and StartApp for interstitial, banner and slider. Is it OK?

We’ve got a super competitive payout structure and CPM’s. What interstitial are you looking to insert? Start interstitial, exit, etc?

Check us out! :slight_smile:

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Can anyone categorize all source with revenues offered

Any top 5-10


Hi Serpentess,

On AdBuddizwe have developers earning up to $10 CPM. Our advertisers pay for each install you will generate for them, and most of the time its between $1 - $3 per install.

By the way, if you use AdBuddiz and have a game please let me know. If it’s good enough we can feature it on Giftiz and you will generate thousands of free installs.

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