Which ad network(s) for Banner, Interstitials + X ?


My Developer Account got suspended :frowning: and now I want to make a new one.

I don’t want to use my old Admob account for new apps, because maybe they register that (market urls…) and the new account could get banned very fast. I like Admob and their CPM, but…

So I’m searching for (some) good ad network(s) for banner, interstitial ads and maybe some Google compliant whatever (Widdit?).
I think most of my users will be in US, India and UK.

Best regards.

India = admob :stuck_out_tongue:

For uk and usa there are many , startapp, appflood ,mopub etc

As protonsavy mentioned, at AppFlood we have banners and interstitials as well as app lists and panels. Plus we have a few more formats rolling out in the next couple weeks. If you want to take a look at the stats for some of these ad formats on our network, you can find them in these articles:

CTR by ad format
IR by ad format
App lists vs. panels
Which format earns the most

I never messed with adMob until recently, I always ran airpush, leadbolt, startapp, or senddroid until the last policy change. That being said, I’ve never seen anything even remotely close to what I’ve been experiencing with adMob since I signed up 2 months ago. Everybody complains about adMob RPM, but I think this speaks for itself. Every single day is like this for me running only adMob interstitials, nothing else…

That’s way too good to be true, you’re snatching up the 30% others lost, that being said, congrats

Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like it…I’m just waiting for it to fall, but it hasn’t yet.

I typically get around $2.50 RPM for my Admob Interstitials. What sort of geos is your traffic made up of @droidstunter?

For U.S. minimum $5 here.

One of the apps is a ranked word game, and the one with the crazy high RPM is just an average automotive entertainment app. Both mostly US,UK, Canada traffic and that probably has a lot to do with it. I have another high traffic app that was my main money maker and used to be consistently $4+, but since I added mobileCore as a test, it hasn’t been back over $1.80 not even once since I removed the SDK and now I’m mad at myself for messing with it in the first place… I’m just not going to change anything around anymore and I’m going to focus on getting more DL’s and running my own ads from now on instead of switching ad networks all the time trying to chase the best ECPM…I do plan on using other networks for smaller apps, but not in my bread and butter apps anymore. It’s just not worth it, at least for now. I went 2 years on the market before I even considered adMob and I’ve always been a fan of going against the grain with alternative ad networks and not jumping on the Google bandwagon, but the payouts are hard to ignore right now. Google must just have a crazy inventory of advertising partners willing to pay that much for ads.

I hear you. The past few weeks has taught me that it’s just not worth my time trying to optimize and test all these different ad networks. Admob has been ramping up in performance for me recently and the holidays are always great for ad budgets from the bigger networks.

I totally second your sentiment. Actually, I guess it’s third, since adforandroidapps said something along the same lines recently…

Even as an Ad Network representative fighting for the same traffic, I’d say that Admob is a very safe choice and I have always maintained that. While Admob will deliver you consistency and volume among much more, some of the reasons why you should add more networks are

  1. You should NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.
  2. For better payment times
  3. For live support and AMs


Forsure Admob interstitials are working. For the last 4 month I’ve been averaging $2.30 -$2.50 RPM (eCPM). I place them upon close and they just work. It’s possible because they pay on click… I don’t know … thoughts?

By the way, are you using the new admob with their google mobile ads sdk? How do you make their sdk work with proguard? I mean their ads don´t show when you enable proguard and test on android 2.3, it runs fine on JellyBean which is strange.

Logcat says the following on andorid 2.3 with proguard “Unable to find ad overlay” searched that on google but results turn nothing, any ideas?

How often do you show the interstitials? Between levels? On exit? - every time on exit?

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Hey guys,

I’m still searching for a good paying, Google compliant Ad network.
I started a new app few days ago using Airpush Banner + Airpush Interstitials. The numbers are not what I would like to have
Banner CPM $0.34 (20,000 impressions)
Interstitial CPM $1.34 (2,000 impressions)

And again: I can NOT use Admob…


Did anyone try Leadbolt’s Banner Ads?

I tried them long ago - very poor results. And lack of information about real fill rate.

If you use the " search" box on top right , you will find what you need. In brief - use them only if you like wasting your time and do enjoy ECPMs of $0.001

Ok thx for the information that Leadbolt is not the best choice.

I know this search box, but I don’t find the right thread for me. There are too many “Company Representives” or people with referral links saying their network is the best one… There are at least 2 of them in this thread :frowning: and I did not count SendDroid :wink:

Airpush CPM today is $0.37 for banner and 1.32 for interstitials… with Admob I had $1.xx with banners :frowning: That’s why I’m still searching…