which ad network pays PPD?

I am looking for PPD ad network.
Do you know who pays PPD?

In my view Startapp is one of high paying ad networks that pays more or less higher than admob. It has a wide range of ads - splash ad, banner, interstitial, search ads, return ads etc…
It also has referral program in which you can get up to $10,000 when a new developer signs up.

My advice is combination of startapp & admob works better and gives higher payment that all other ad networks. It is best suited for all apps and games. Easy and Quick Integration.

  • Unity and corona plugins are available
  • Admob mediation also available in startapp
  • Live tracking of impressions and earnings

When your referral reaches 100k impressions you will get 25$, for 1M impressions - +$150, 10M impressions - +$1500, 25M impressions - +$2400, 50M impressions - +$5925

You can sign up using this link - StartApp - Developer Registration

Yep, Startapp has been offering PPD model for a while now, however I think they announced recently that they will suspend their PPD SDK by the end of this month. You’re welcome to try AppFlood Splash Screen SDK, the only condition to get paid is for you to display a full-screen interstitial at launch.

If you want to learn more: here.

This seems something new to me. What is the eCPM for splash screen, for traffics from US?

I quickly looked into the quick integration guide, there are a lot of activities and a receiver in the manifest, I only need SplashScreenActivity + google play meta right if I intend to use splash screen ad only?

Lastly, does all the ad direct to Google Play only, as I don’t want any direct APK download offer?

Also, anyone here tried it?

there is no real pdd at all these days.

Hi shuiwo, sorry to get back to you so late. AppFlood Splash Screen pays $8 for all US installs and $1.4 for non-US.

If you use SplashScreenActivity you also need MraidBrowserActivity, it is mentioned in the integration guide I believe.

And yes, we only redirect to Google Play so no need to worry about apk offers. Let me know if you have other questions.

When was that announced. I missed it somehow. Is there any end time for this PPD SDK like StartApp has.

Hey javaexp, we announced it around beginning of May.

And no, Splash Screen SDK is not time-limited, we will continue providing it for developers.

@VeronicaC May I know how to contact you? I tried sent an email to [email protected] and didn’t get any reply. I am having some questions to ask you privately.

@shuiwo, sorry I didn’t leave you reply through email, it’s because I answered your questions here on forum. If you need anything else or help with your app monetization strategy etc., drop me email again at: [email protected]. :slight_smile:

Hey everybody,

Don’t forget that Airpush also offers several SDKs which include a pay per download ad type.
Our Google Play complaint Bundle 1 SDK includes a PPD paying up to $0.02 per new USA user app download and EULA opt in, in addition to display ads CPM. You can find the Bundle 1 SDK and integration guide on your developer dashboard.

We also offer a special Bundle 2 SDK for 3rd party markets that’s pays up to $0.05 per new user app download and EULA opt in world wide. This is a great way to easily earn more from the large list of alternative app markets.
PM me if you want to test this out or learn more.

Happy programming!