Which ad network is the best and enables high revenue? aispush, startapp, leadbolt???

Hello, i would like to compare different ad networks regarding the revenue and earnings through Ad Imperssions and eranings per install…

i can provide my expirience with airpush and startapp and would like to know how other ad networks pay AND IF THEY PAYING PER INSTALL…it would be great if oyu share your expereince with ad networks you are using.


CPI (earnings per 1 install): 0,004 - 0,006 $
CPM ad impressions (AdWall): 0.90-1.10 $

CPI : 0,006-0,008 $

Lots of PPD data will now become void due to Google’s policy changes. We will have to re-evaluate when new SDKs are released.

I agree with @A1ka!inE