Which ad network is best to use in my social network app?

Hello everyone, I’m new here, I hope you guys can help me out with this one. Well as the question says I need help deciding on which ad network should I use on my app which is a social network kind of like Kik. Should I use banners or full screen ads? Please all ideas are welcome. Thank you!

Hey Maxdwell! Kik is a good example where native in-stream ads would be a much better fit than intrusive banners/interstitials.

If you are looking to get some inspiration, you can check out some examples of top apps already monetizing with in-stream ads here.

You can also find out more about native ads and check out how they’ll look in your app by following Avocarrot’s step-by-step guide here. (disclaimer: I work there)

If you have any questions - shoot!:slight_smile:

It probably depends on your UI. Banners might not fit in with the amount of interaction from the user.

If you try interstitials make sure you don’t over-display them in an app like this. Loyal users will convert well with ads in apps like this, provided you don’t spam them.

It probably depends on your UI. Banners might not fit in with the amount of interaction from the user.

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Hi there,

Just to let you know that the Airpush Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA (end user license agreement) opt in world wide, and its perfect for all of the 3rd party android markets out there. PM me if you want to chat mare.


I will recommend Admob for app monetization and interstitial ads of Admob are good for getting more revenue.

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In the event that you need to adapt your application, your objective ought to be to procure high life-time esteem (LTV) clients, who will pay for your in-application buys after some time.

Most advertisement systems don’t represent considerable authority in conveyance of high LTV clients, selecting rather to go for volume over quality. Focusing on high LTV clients requires modern focusing on and following capacities, and additionally information of client conduct and inclinations for different sorts of advertisement units. All things considered, high LTV client focusing on for the most part costs more, because of the advanced focusing on methods required, yet these expanded expenses are advocated by the more prominent income created from such clients.

You can run both actually, but with the right capping setup so not to harm users experience. If to choose the one ad format between both, I’d recommend you to try native ads (banners or interstitials). They perform better than standard banners or full-screen ads.

Interstitials always give higher eCPMs and performance than banners. So I’d recommend you to pick up full-screen ads if you are into growing your daily revenue.

Before adding ads to your app, make sure your advertising partner will provide you with a relevant category of ads for the social network. Please feel free to [b]contact Epom Apps team[/b] to get banners, native ads, interstitials or rewarded videos for high-paid and smart monetization.


As others said, native ads would probably be the best ad format for this kind of app.
There are many ways ads can be part of the app design. For example, they can be included in-between the content updates from users.
When it comes to ad networks, the best option is to implement mediation. This way you get to choose the best performing networks according to the format and targeted geo, and include them all. Facebook, Applovin, and Startapp work well in the US for natives.
If you are curious about which networks yield better with other formats, check out Appodeal. Their Performance Index is a comprehensive report.

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Video ads. There are two major types of video ads – in-stream and out-stream. With in-stream type, video ads are displayed full-screen before, after and within video content that is streamed inside an app. With out-stream type video ads are displayed on a web page, displayed inside a mobile app.