Which ad network for the first release


Which Ad networks do you suggest me to use in my app in the first release?

Thanks in advance

nothing, put it ad-free. and what kind of app you will release ?

It’s kinda Puzzle Tournament in which users are going to compete with each others.

I will share the link in this forum after I officially publish it in the market.

I would chuck some banner ads in there if you have room, mediating through a few networks.
I would recommend using Admob’s mediation, with their ads, AppBrain’s Ads and maybe inMobi or Moblicx too.

You might wana try an interstitial or two. Maybe at natural breaks or upon exit of the app. Try AppBrain’s Appwall or Pontiflex if you have a lot of US traffic.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Sometimes it’s better to release without ads in to start and then add them in at a later date when you have a decent user base. That doesn’t always work though.
I personally always release initially with ads and I can’t see any negative results from that.

Same to me, Admob is the first choice ,Because I do not use any kind of service to measure and track my app, And this kind of Ad reflect how long my users spent their time for my app. This information is good for my next strategies.

After getting 100+ good rating and review (show a rating dialog for all users) , I add some push Ad to get higher income (Only show rating dialog for “long time using user” at this time). :cool:

I would recommend you to add Admob without any mediation, as you just started and you will not make so much impressions to use mediation. After getting 10k impressions/day you can think about mediation, otherwise dont do it. Admob has almost 98% fillrate, so when your impressions are lower then 10k dont disturb yourself about mediation. In addition to banner ads from Admob, A1ka1inE gave a good point on using interstitial. I heard about Appbrain they are doing good, but about Pontiflex cant say anything, maybe A1ka1inE will give more information about it or some experience he had…

And highly recommend to start publish your app with ads, dont add it after, people hate when something without ads become with ads. So, banner+interstitial is a good way to go.

When using app, I also hate when something without ads become with ads. But If the living time of your apps on the users’ device are short, I think it ok because We have new users/installs every day. The number of people who realize we add some new ads only is a small numbers? Right?

Why you take on count “IF”? Dont add a faith here, it is a businesses, not a religion. There is no IF, only facts. Small user base and large user base, they should be equal for you (devs), at least they are equal for me. I take care about every user, and answer to question of every users, because this is the way how you grow. Second, he can start making money from beginning, maybe he will never rich to 10k or 5k active, or more user base, what then? He will give up… as no income… You should try to make money on every user, even at that short period use of your app.
If the app is free, I think it is a bullshit to do not add ads, if you dont care about income though…


Congrats on launching your first app!
I want to throw in the UX consideration. Depending on the nature of your app there may be a case for not doing banner ads to make sure that the experience is optimal and use only interstitials (or the other way around).
The point I am trying to make is that the ad solution you use should work well with your app and not take away from it.


don’t use any ads. if you really wan’t to use ads, use admob but never use push ads for your first app. when you create a google play account, most of the time some one will manually check your first app. i have couple of google play accounts and couple of my first apps got suspended due to very small reasons. i re-published them with slight modifications to my old accounts, nothing happened. so i think the first app is quite important than others. always upload a nice and clean app as the first app because otherwise, even your account might get banned.

later, you can integrate ads and release an update :slight_smile:

Why would they ban you or the app if you use push ads? As long as you are following the Google Play policy everything should be fine. All ad networks follow the policy.

they didn’t ban me because of push ads. they banned the app because it contained a cartoon picture of a girl. (kind of hot but not naked). but after some time i re upload the same app, nothing happened

What kind of app are you releasing? From my experience, if it’s a game, the best way to make money is to get your players addicted with your game and make them to purchase more virtual tools and items in the game. While if it’s a utility app,like a calculator app, you can just use small banner ads then. Admob should be a good choice.