Which ad mediation can you recommemend?

I cannot use Admob as I was banned from there. Which other ad mediation that supports most of the big ad networks can you guys recommend?
Thanks for all input.

check out this link. A little dated. But still good read.

Mobile Advertising: What is better for banner ad mediation, Burstly or MoPub? - Quora

From what I have found out now, I guess MoPub would be the best option ?

I use MoPub. If you want to set your own weighting/percentage allocation for ad networks, it works fine. The SDK isn’t as refined as AdMob’s, nor are their servers quite as fast. But on the whole, it’s a worth choice (especially if you’ve been banned from AdMob).

In my experience MoPub also has high-paying interstitials in the MoPub Marketplace. However, I’m not sure how good MoPub’s RTB (Real-Time Bidding) system is. Haven’t looked into how they compare with more long-standing competitors such as Nexage.

check out this one eomobi Mobile Ad Network