Whether the application falls "chat consultant" under the ban Google Play: Webviews a

There are plans to create multiple applications, basic functionality which users will be consulting in the chat within the application (theme: the selection of loans, mortgages, credit history check)

Description of the application functionality:

  1. After installing the application, there are 2 pages of intro, which explains how the application can help the user
  2. Opens a chat with our manager
  3. The manager asks the user what his problem is
  4. Manager offers 1-2 partner services for solving his problems
  5. After solving the problem on the affiliate site, the user returns to our application for further assistance.

The main question: considering that the main profit that we will receive from the applications will be from the affiliate program. How will Google react to this and will not this monetization scheme be banned: “Webviews and Affiliate Spam” - https://play.google.com/intl/en_ALL/about/ip-deception-spam/spam/
Given that the purpose of the application, not just at any price to make a sale or registration on offer and but aim to give qualified information support from our manager, the on what resources and at what cost it can solve his problem.

The main monetization of these applications will it receive commissions from affiliate program whose offer we will recommend to our users.