Where to Promote Android Application

Here’re places where to promote your App:D

  1. Comments on popular blogs - There are android review sites that review android apps, I leave comments on their blogs and contact the blog owners to review my app.

  2. YouTube - Leave comments on youtube videos that are doing app reviews.

  3. Facebook Groups - join facebook groups and promote your app.

  4. Forum Promotion - join forums and promote your app there. Please do not spam the forums as you will get ban quickly. Try to give valuable information to other members, and then do promotion later or leave a link in forum signatures.

  5. Promote on other social media sites such as twitter, stumbleupon, and reddit. Press release article submission

  6. Ask your satisfied users to review your App. The ratings and reviews can show the quality of your app directly, which are also the reflection of the users of your app. The more good reviews you get from your users, the higher it will be ranked in the play store and the more free traffic you will get.

  7. Publish an App on alternative Stores:cool: