Where to find words sounds to my app?

I want some words in my app - like “Great” ot “NO!!” - so where i can find people that do it for me in Good English accent?

You could try on fiverrr but I heard the voices there are mostly low quality.

You could try SoundSnap: Search Audio Sounds
Or you might have luck with FlashKit Soundfx >> People - Flash Kit

You could also try the Text to Speech engine of Android. I have used the tts in my App, if you like to hear an example, try MMT https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.thomaslankes.mmt

TTS is not good for shouts. I used this for some of my games: https://acapela-box.com/AcaBox/index.php - but for shouts it’s not good I think. You can try it though.