Where how host Images and best way to retrieve them?


I am developing an app where I need to host images, there are a lot of free alternatives which could be used or some which have good trial option, like picasa, parse.com, etc.
I just need to kow the best placec to do that.

One more ques: I have created the code to take a URL and display it in the app, but it will difficult to fetch each image by specifying the Url, any better way to just specify the Url once or twice and get all the images?

Thanks in Advance.

You’re best option here is going to be to try to find a free or cheap web hosting account and use a PHP script on the server side to return a list of all file URL’s in a given directory, because it isn’t really possible to obtain an accurate list of files directly from the device. Then you can get that list into a string array and download each file from the device itself. You need to return the complete list of file URL’s first, basically. There are a lot of free hosting accounts out there that will do what you need, depending on the amount of traffic you’ll be doing. On the server end something like:

$directory = ‘/path/to/whatever/private/files’;

if ( ! is_dir($directory)) {
exit(‘Invalid diretory path’);

$files = array();

foreach (scandir($directory) as $file) {
$files[] = $file;


Some of the best image hosting sites like Picasa are: