Where do you get Music and sound effects?

Hi Guys,

My app currently has two sound effects in it that I bought somewhere. I’d like to have a simple tense music theme playing in the background, something like jaws only one note that plays over and over. Do you guys know where I could get royalty free or paid music?

Please share where you gut music and sound effects.



P.S. I can’t remember where I bought the two sounds I have! lol

freesound.org has some public domain and CC0 free sounds.
On jamendo you can find someone who will allow you the use of their music for some cash or attribution.
I make my music and sounds mostly myself but it is expensive - software, sound banks, instruments: they all cost a lot (it’s my hobby though, so I don’t complain).

I’d recommend this one :


Really good stuff, it is free under CC-Attribution, usable for commercial work too.

Hey thanks a Lot, guys.

I finally found the one I used before. It is Hollywood Sound Effects and Loops.

I just used them for sound effects though.

Thanks for the link Rick… good stuff at good rate!

No problem, Bill! I’ll have to re-look at them myself.

To add a few more:

Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Clips | SoundBible.com